What is a B2B lookalike audience?

It’s a set of new leads much more likely to be interested in your business because they are mathematically similar to your best existing customers on multiple targeting data points, including data points only discovered and analyzed by computers.

In addition, they are primed and prepped for conversation by real people, with the option to share ahead of time your highest-performing pieces of content.
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How is B2B lookalike targeting superior to the targeting I use now?

Instead of relying on data that marketers have been using (unsuccessfully) for decades, like SIC codes, NAICS codes, headcount and revenue, a B2B lookalike lead is based on data points that are generated by a computer from its own first-hand analysis of businesses and all their available assets and data. This helps solve for human error and bias rampant in today’s targeting, and also allows for nuanced data points that have never been used for B2B targeting prior to LeadCrunch, such as topic maps, subject intensity and tone.

In addition, because the computer is artificially intelligent, it adjusts its algorithms every time it gets feedback on the leads it discovers. It’s targeting that never gets old.

What is the result of using B2B lookalike audience leads?

Senior marketers and agencies that hand off our B2B lookalike leads to their sales teams typically see the highest rate of in-profile (accepted) leads they’ve ever received compared to all other lead vendors they’ve used.

It’s also common to see triple-digit relative increases in pipeline and significant increases in lead conversion rates and return on investment. In some cases, even, companies experience a significantly reduced sales cycle as well.
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It typically starts with a list of your very best customers. If that isn’t possible, there are alternative steps that can be taken.

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Next, we discuss your special requirements or requests.

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After that, leads will come to you in as soon as a week. No subscriptions. No integrations or installations. Just leads that upload perfectly into your CRM.

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Every lookalike lead delivered to your sales team is validated and guaranteed.

Every lead gets confirmed on LinkedIn, by email and by phone. Every lead complies with your campaign specs too. Less than one half of one percent of leads delivered to date have been rejected.

“Once we knew LeadCrunch had a repeatable, predictable model of our customer base to deliver high conversion top-of-the-funnel leads, we simply pointed it into new territories to help us rapidly expand into new markets.”

- Christian Hastings ( GoShare )

"LeadCrunch is creating opportunities at a rate we haven't seen before."

- Bryce Roberts, Manager, Demand Generation, Oracle Bronto
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