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About LeadCrunch

AI B2B Marketing

For enterprises seeking scalable demand generation ROI, LeadCrunch’s AI B2B marketing finds best-fit prospects and generates qualified leads and appointments. Unlike legacy intent and firmographic targeting, our self-improving AI finds missed opportunities, reduces waste, and accelerates revenue.
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Priced on a CPL/campaign basis (no subscriptions!)
Patented B2B targeting data, purpose-built for algorithmic analysis in multi-dimensional space
99.5% data accuracy through a 17-step manual and automated validation process
Continuous improvement of targeting accuracy
Dedicated customer success managers and campaign operations specialist
Linkage between consumer and business emails to reach more people on social media
GDPR, CCPA, and CASL compliant
Global reach

We believe there is a
better way to do
B2B targeting

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To target significantly better, we need to start with the end in mind (your best customers). Your best customers are the best signal for who your next customer could be.

This approach to targeting means using the best bottom of the funnel signals ( who your customers are with the greatest lifetime value ) to refine who you concentrate your focus on at the top of the funnel. This reduces wasteful spending on those who aren’t a fit and increases the likelihood of converting those that are a good fit. In addition, it finds new opportunities that you weren’t aware of that are worth pursuing.

That’s what we’re committed to. Learn about our approach to attracting the right B2B contacts from the right B2B companies.

To do B2B targeting better,
requires better data

We’ve discovered that much of the firmographic and intent data available to license is not accurate enough – accuracy varied by source from 50-65%. It was so inaccurate and incomplete that we couldn’t use it for AI modeling. So to improve targeting, we need to make our own data and make it accurate.

LeadCrunch improves the data for targeting by using automated processes, natural language processing and machine learning to gather and enrich that data first-hand.

In addition, we enhance it as we collect it for a more accurate and revealing algorithmic analysis. To date, our database contains over 10 million companies, 367 million professionals and 40 billion data points.

To achieve this, we lead with a wealth of industry
experience and track record of successful exits

Board of Directors

Olin Hyde

CEO & Co-Founder & Board Member

Two exits: National Facilities Group (acquired by Accruent) & Auto-Semantics (acquired by ai-one).
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Peng Leong


Responsible for financial strategy at CoreLogic’s $500M credit and mortgage segment, including a full financial and operational turnaround. Did the same at ID Analytics.
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Julie Fulkerson

Senior Vice President, Sales

Sales leader at IDG, TechTarget, and CBS interactive. Speaker. Demand gen solution architect.
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Aaron Mendes

SVP of Product

Four exits, including one for $500m at 1010 Data. Seasoned tech investor across 40 startups.
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Steve Biafore

Chief Science Officer

Helped developed AI that protects 80% of credit cards globally from fraud. Holds data-related patents at LeadCrunch.
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Mike Bennett

Vice President, Engineering

Led the development of an underwriting system used to for over $10 billion of municipal bonds annually. Veteran of startups in the finance, security and medical device industries.
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Gina Mendoza

Director of People Operations

Helped scale GoFundMe into the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, as well as iBoss cybersecurity, Semper Solaris, and SOCi.
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Olin Hyde

CEO & Co-Founder & Board Member

Two exits: National Facilities Group (acquired by Accruent) & Auto-Semantics (acquired by ai-one).
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Dave Toth

Chairman of the Board

Founder, CEO of NetRatings, which helped create the internet audience measurement service deployed in 29 countries.
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Grady Burnett

Board Member

Unicorn veteran. VP, Sales and Operations at Facebook. Director, Online Sales at Google. Tennis professional. Harvard MBA.
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Tom Peterson

Board Member

Exits: Earthlink, Jigsaw, Access Health & Efficient Networks. Boards: Appboy, Badgevill, Edgewater Networks, & InsideTrack.
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Wade Diebner

Board Member

Successful launches: a hedge fund, an online research firm, and a financial services firm. Raised $200m in his career.
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Proprietary & Unique Data,
Patented Technology

We’ve built a proprietary database of every professional individual and business in the US and globally. This is a blend of compliant data partners, aggregators, and our own internal process of compiling data that includes web research such as gathering from public resources like LinkedIn and other professional directories. Additionally, LeadCrunch crawls and analyzes the content of millions of corporate websites. We then use Natural Language Processing AI to identify the key concepts and topics each company publishes to understand the essence of all the things that company sells, who they sell it to, what problems they solve, and why they do what they do. All sources are GDPR, CCPA, CASL compliant.

We aggregate this data from a number of trusted data partners, validate, clean, and enrich it with our own proprietary AI and natural language processing systems.

While we start with a set of companies and people, it's our enrichment process using AI and natural language processing that turns an ordinary directory of businesses and people into a deep, multidimensional profile and mathematical representation of each company that gives us a unique and proprietary ability to target businesses that have similar characteristics on as many as 40 different dimensions.
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