3 Pain Points That Boost B2B Sales

Olin Hyde
September 2, 2016

A lack of preparation is a problem in the B2B industry. It’s led to the perception that most companies don’t understand the needs of B2B buyers. One study revealed 82% of B2B companies aren’t prepared to sell to them. Part of being prepared is grasping the pain points of your audience targeting.

Take advantage of some of the most common pain points and you’ll find your products and services selling themselves. This guide is going to show you how to generate more B2B sales for the rest of this year using three of the biggest pain points extending across all industries.

The Buyer’s Existing Vendor Provides Poor Service

The majority of email and social media leads you encounter will already have a vendor providing them with services. You’re not trying to convince them to try out your offering. You’re convincing them to abandon their current vendor in favor of you. It’s all about making your company seem like it’s offering the better option.

The easiest pain point to address is poor service from another vendor. Displacing your competitors is relatively easy because most buyers will reveal the problems they’ve had during a dialogue with you. And even if they don’t it’s relatively easy to figure out what might be going wrong.

They may not be giving their client enough time. They may not be solving a problem. They may not be giving them value for money. A simple question about how things are going can reveal all this and more.

Once you find out what problems they’re having you can tailor your pitch to address those problems.

For example, if they complain of not receiving enough time from your current vendor you can say that weekly meetings are part of the program for your clients. It’s such a simple way to pique their interest.

The Current System isn’t Comprehensive

Buyers want comprehensive systems to solve their problems. The last thing they want is a patched together solution delivered by a vendor who doesn’t fully understand their needs. This is especially true in the fields of IT systems and software.

Most companies are receptive to hearing from you if you can deliver an easy-to-use comprehensive solution. You have a good chance of winning an account if you can show your system as a better way to do business. You’ll also win their trust, which is the most precious commodity of all.

There are always opportunities to streamline and grow your business quickly, so coming up with tailored packages is relatively easy. Consider providing packages customized to the buyer. Avoid the ‘one size fits all’ philosophy.

They’re Working with Too Many Vendors

B2B buyers that have been up and running for a long time will probably be working with a range of companies at the same. One of the most common problems B2B buyers have is they don’t update the number of vendors they’re working with. It leads to them working with ten or more people at the same time.

The scary thing is they could likely condense their ten vendors into one or two, but they don’t. This may be because they haven’t had the time to browse the market or they just don’t know about the options available to them.

And this is where you step in. Target the problem of working with too many vendors by offering a comprehensive solution that covers all the bases. Be a consultant for simplifying their company’s systems. You’re providing unsolicited advice, showing a genuine interest in improving their business, and selling all at the same time.

Remember that B2B solutions are all about solving problems, so find those problems and solve them.

B2B Solutions Don’t Have to Be Innovative

One of the big misconceptions people have about B2B solutions is they have to be innovative. You don’t need to come up with something entirely new. Thinking up something that solves an existing problem is more than enough. B2B companies don’t have to reinvent the wheel to win accounts.

You just need to carry out your operations better than other competitors in the same market. It’s easier than you think to get this done.


Target one or more of these pain points and you can build your entire company around them. It’s so effective because you’re saving your customers money, time, and hassle. These are things that companies in all sectors are looking to deal with.

What do you think is the most important pain point B2B vendors should focus on?

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