3 Unlikely Strategies To Generate B2B Leads

Olin Hyde
August 12, 2016

To execute a successful B2B marketing strategy, you need to use all the tools at your disposal. There are lots of options on offer. To stand out, you should think outside the box to help improve your digital marketing strategy.

You are going to learn about three unlikely strategies designed to help you generate B2B leads.

Wield the Potential of Your FAQs

Did you know that an FAQ can be a useful tool for generating B2B leads?

This is a part of the company website that so often goes forgotten. Yet this is how a lot of people find their way to a website. It’s a fantastic way to quickly generate leads through educating your prospects. Businesses want to know everything before committing to a purchase.

And most businesses will make a purchasing decision prior to contacting your sales department. Go out of your way to educate your customers so they don’t have to get in touch with you first.

Treat your FAQ like a marketing tool. Create a call to action so that your leads will know where to go next. Every page within the FAQ section of your website should be part of your sales funnel.

What about Online Classes?

Online education is huge these days. More and more people are putting an end to the concept of traditional education so they can learn online from the comfort of their own home. Udemy, for example, is one of the largest online education platforms around today.

To generate B2B leads, you have to acquire trust. To acquire trust you need to become an authority in your field. Authority gives your words meaning. It’s what allows you to persuade people that they have to buy your products and services.

So how do you take advantage of online education for lead generation purposes?

To begin with, you need to study what your competitors are selling. Search through the various courses available via Udemy. Try to find a gap in the market. It doesn’t matter how much of a niche it is as long as you can bring something new to the table. Try to offer specific courses, as opposed to general ones.

What you need to know about video content is that it’s the type of content with the highest engagement levels. It can be a fantastic foundation for building up authority. If your brand really takes off, you can even offer paid courses in the future. This can offer an additional stream of income. It can help you to find more customers in the long-term, albeit in a more unconventional way.

Opt-In Video Content Marketing

You likely already know video marketing is king. It’s the future because it appeals to so many people operating on mobile devices. One video is worth 1.8 million words. There are many types of video you can produce, but not every type will give you the results you want.

Most people will visit your website if they manage to get to the end of your video. That makes it crucial to produce something engaging and interesting. Promote an engaging video, but concentrate on collecting information. This is a type of video marketing known as ‘opt-in video marketing’.

Opt-in video marketing requires the user to exchange personal information before they can view the content. In the B2B world, this nearly always comes in the form of an email address. Over time you can gather more information from interested parties to help aid the lead generation process.

But will people decide against viewing the content?

It’s possible some people will turn their noses up at providing an email address in exchange for viewing a video. You will be surprised at how many people will provide an email address, though. As long as you are producing videos people want, you are going to find this is a great way to gather email addresses.

Last Word – Where Do You Go From Here?

These tactics are only designed to generate leads. Once the dialogue begins, everything is in your hands. Get your B2B targeting set up. Know your target audience wants and don’t stop pushing. Many businesses take weeks to make purchasing decisions. Be patient and you will reap the rewards.

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