3 Ways To Create A Better Customer Experience For Your B2B Firm

Olin Hyde
August 23, 2016

One of the big considerations for people running a B2B firm is the customer experience. The experience economy has been pioneered by millennials. They care not just about the value they can get from a product but the experience they have with your company.

Despite technology marching onwards, now is not the time to trade your B2B sales reps for robots. They are more important than ever before.

All successful B2B salespeople are thinking about the customer experience as a whole. One study says 86% of shoppers need to see just one of the key elements of great customer service to want to buy from that company. They include the customer having their needs anticipated, providing self-service that works, and being able to easily get in touch with the company using multiple contact options.

This guide is going to show you three of the ways in which you can create a better customer experience.

Know the Intent of Your Customers

To start with, you need to know what your customers are here for. Are they here to buy a specific product or are they here, at first, to be educated?

The good news is all major digital interactions are catalogued. You can refer back to your previous customers without any problems. Data is becoming more important than ever, and even small businesses can take advantage of it. Small business owners can improve customer retention through reading the minds of their target audience.

Know what your customers want through checking out which pages they are visiting and how long they are spending there. You can easily do this through matching basic information, such as a name or a telephone number, with each visitor to your website.

Provide a Certain Level of Self-Service

Part of generating B2B sales leads in 2016 is providing self-service people can rely on. Your customer support staff should improve this aspect of your business before your competitors start to pull ahead.

So why is self-service so important these days?

People prefer to handle things by themselves. It’s quicker for them to do so and it’s less hassle for them than contacting you. A lot of your leads don’t want any direct contact with you. They want to make their purchasing decisions without talking to a sales rep. Millennials now consider self-service a crucial part of the customer experience.

This doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your manned support teams. Complex situations still need to be resolved by actual agents. Most shoppers say when they do encounter a complex situation they want a human face to help. Whatever you do, don’t allow a robot to handle any aspect of your customer service team. Shoppers hate that.

Meet Leads on Their Terms

Singular interfaces were fine in the middle of the 2000s, but today there are so many ways in which someone can access the online world. People are going to visit you on smartphones, desktops, laptops, and tablets. The majority of customer service requests will begin on your company website though.

The businesses of today need to recognize different devices and provide different support options based on the device the shopper is using. Companies need to work out how shoppers are requesting support and they need to adapt accordingly. It’s why an increasing number of companies are starting to invest in dedicated apps.

Meeting your leads on their terms will make it more likely that they will buy from you. Reimagine how you offer customer support through taking advantage of emerging technologies. For example, more companies are investing in Facebook Messenger support options.

Take Action – Consumer Behavior Remains Key

At its heart the customer experience is the same as it always has been. Skilled and successful entrepreneurs need to give their target audience exactly what they want. Track consumer behavior to figure out what people are doing, how they are reacting to your site, and what they expect from you.

This is an on-going process. Most of your stats will remain consistent, but any major changes tend to indicate an alteration to the customer experience is required.

And the number one way to find out more about consumer behavior is to ask. Find your most loyal customers and ask them what they think about your customer experience. Enquire into what they want from you and how you are going to meet their needs.


It takes time to get the best customer experience you can. Successfully doing it will ensure your company remains at the head of the pack. Get it right and watch your conversation rates shoot up!

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