3 Ways to Up Your B2B Sales Game

Olin Hyde
March 28, 2017

You want to boost your sales figures and be the star of your team—and your brand—this spring. You want to become a better seller and find the lead generation approach to prospects that works best for your brand and your personality. You want to be the best salesperson you can be.

While these goals are inspiring, achieving them is easier said than done. The B2B economic ecosystem is changing rapidly, outpaced only by the increasing spread of information and comparison tools. As a salesperson, you’re not just competing against rival sales teams, you’re also competing against all the information on the Internet that may discourage your prospect from buying.

But all is not lost. Sales is—and has always been—about following market trends and buyer demands while meeting and exceeding expectations every step of the way. The tools to uncover those trends and preferences are changing, but they still exist

Here are our top three tips to take your B2B sales game to the next level:

Be Data Driven

Yes, LeadCrunch is an analytics company, so we have to say this. But that doesn’t make the statement any less true. You know it, your colleagues know it, your marketing department knows it, and even your HR department knows it. If you’re in charge of professional relationship building, you’re now a data scientist.

Being data driven, at its core, is about recognizing when tools are available to you. For example, investing in AI generated lead gen delivers better leads in a few minutes than any human could scrounge in a week or more of cold calling.

Better leads mean you won’t waste time with people who have no interest in your product or service or wear out buyers that may be interested later—if only you knew the right time to call.

And once you’ve started a relationship with a lead, make sure you record everything you learn about the lead. I’m not just talking about the lead’s name and phone number. I’m talking about listing the metrics on the company’s position, how stressed the lead seemed when you talked with him or her, any timelines involved, and any other piece of information that tells you how the lead makes a buying decision.

Borrow From Account Based Marketing

If you’re even dimly aware of marketing trends, you’ve probably heard of Account Based Marketing (ABM). This prospecting approach targets individual departments within large companies, eventually winning everyone over one group at a time.

While you already work in concert with your marketing team, if your business has adopted ABM, you can implement similar tactics on your own as you pursue leads.

Two tactics apply here. First, research your target until you understand them thoroughly—from what stresses them out to their career goals. Second, use your target company’s hierarchy as a stepladder to your personal success.

If you fail to win over executive management, try courting mid-level professionals who could, if they were persistent enough, sway the purchasing decision. Still not having success? Offer a free trial to a few team members and ask for their feedback. It doesn’t matter how you got in the door once you’re inside!

Everyone Has The Same Problem

The companies you sell to are having the same issues that you’re experiencing right now. They aren’t sure where to find their audiences, they’re overwhelmed with the rapid progression of technology, and their favorite food truck sprung a flat.

My point? It’s more important than ever to empathize with your targets and understand what’s stressing them out because there’s probably plenty that is. Offer to help them in a way that works with your brand. Be open to suggestions and don’t be afraid of a few conversations going off the rails.

If you can make yourself a part of their “team” mentally, they’ll trust you more, and view you as another colleague working towards a common goal.

The Last Word—Create Trust

Sales is changing. No doubt about it. But at its core, it’s still the same: the need to develop symbiotic relationships with managers in target companies. There are new tools to learn, a bigger global market to tackle, and competitors that always seem to figure out the latest trends faster than should be possible.

But if you’re going to take your B2B sales game to the next level, you must create trust in the prospect’s mind. Just like always.

Curious to know how LeadCrunch does B2B data differently? In our video series, learn more about what we do and why the best B2B marketers are loving it.

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