3 Ways Your B2B Company Can Gain the Trust of Prospects

Olin Hyde
April 6, 2016

Gaining trust when trying to acquire B2B leads that are going to lead to sales should be your top priority. Trust is the most difficult commodity to acquire in the business world. And some industries have it harder than others. If you look at SEO companies, a recent survey revealed that 18% of decision makers thought all SEO companies were scams.

You need to be aware of statistics like this when they pertain to your industry. It’s the only way you are going to address the reasons why people don’t trust, or are wary of, what you’re selling in the first place.

Share Real Success Stories

Success stories often bring up images of those faked testimonials found on people’s websites. But real success stories are actually a form of social proof. Create case studies and testimonials from verifiable third-parties. They do work because a recent survey revealed that 54% of B2B marketers said that sharing unbiased customer success stories was extremely effective.

If you are a new company, this may be harder to do because you don’t have a track record. But think about what you were doing before you started your company. Remind customers of the experience brought by the members of the team. This is a form of using content marketing to build trust, and it has been shown to resonate with potential B2B prospects.

Never Make Guarantees

Businesses are not members of the general public. This is one area where the only thing you can guarantee is that you can never make guarantees. Experienced decision makers know that you can never really guarantee anything in business. You can state your hopes for something, but there’s never a 100% chance that something will go the way you want it.

In order to avoid destroying trust, you need to be transparent about your process instead. You are laying out your proposals, and then allowing the prospect to come to their own conclusions as to what’s going to work and what isn’t. Show your clients how your business works and how your product works.

They will determine whether they think your solution has a shot at working or not. It may sound like only a slight change, but slight changes like this can make a huge difference.

Never Try to Compete on Price

It’s perfectly fine to come up with an offer every so often to get more and more people interested in what you’re doing. But trying to race to the bottom of the barrel on pricing will only lead to a negative outcome. If your prices are lower than everyone else, a business is going to ask why this is the case. Why is that business selling a supposedly great product for such a low price?

The fact is that price is not the most important consideration for B2B companies. It’s one of the least important because businesses are nearly always willing to pay more for a great product.  Acquiring something that changes the way you work can more than pay back what you initially paid for it.

You have to bear in mind that a product a business buys is designed to be in use for the long-term. Selling a trinket to a member of the general public may involve something that’s only used once or twice.

In many ways, low prices can have a negative effect on how people perceive brands. It happens like this because many people see it as a situation where the business hasn’t placed any real value on what they are selling.

What is the Key to Building Trust in B2B Sales?

The key to building trust in the B2B sales arena is to be completely and utterly transparent. Previously, you may have rattled through a long sales pitch detailing all the reasons why you are incredibly awesome. The key to building trust in B2B sales is to not dominate the conversation.

Give companies the tools they need to judge you by being open and transparent. Don’t tell them that you are awesome allow them to come to that conclusion themselves. You have to treat them as if they are experts.

As you can see, there’ a huge difference between how you would sell to a member of the public and to another business. Don’t assume that they are the same or it’s going to come back to bite you later.

What are your top strategies for selling to other businesses?

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