4 Sales Reps Who Do Best at B2B Sales

Olin Hyde
May 14, 2019

B2B sales is competitive. No doubt about it. So a sales rep must be prepared to succeed at it. But a startling statistic reveals that 82% of B2B decision makers believe sales reps are unprepared to follow up on leads. It should come as no surprise then that the B2B lead generation strike rates are at their lowest in recent times

Being unprepared is just one type of mistake a sales rep can make that can ruin a lead generation campaign. Many other mistakes exist. But the best B2B salespeople know how to negate them. Those are the types of people you need to hire when looking for new employees.

Below are four types of B2B sales reps you should be looking when hiring B2B sales people—the type of sales people that eliminate mistakes that can ruin a lead generation campaign.

  • The Producer

The Producer get deals done regularly. Producers are usually the most agresssive—and the most passionate— people on sales teams. But their extroverted natures often come with a big ego, so you have to be prepared for that. But the best producers know how to temper their egos and take a step back in highly charged situations.

Since B2B sales is mostly about being aggressive and confident, the producer is a welcomed addition to any successful B2B team. They often lead the team in sales.

  • The Professional

This type of sales person takes a challenge head and using logic and strong analytical skills beats it. Professionals are good sales reps because they’re confident at what they do and because they’re skilled at using numbers to make decisions.

When trying to generate B2B leads today, having this skill is more important than ever. Big data has taken over and most sales decisions are made before a salesperson even approaches the prospect. Professionals are logical and calm, so they’ll succeed in B2B sales where many others will fail.

  • The Relationship Manager

Previously, a salesperson that could form long-term relationships with an account was rare. Today, relationships managers are highly regarded. They’re also coveted by every business looking to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Why…because the majority of B2B lead generation campaigns these days are about building relationships. Converting a lead today can take well over ten brand touches to actually make a sale. That’s more than at any other point in history, demonstrating clearly that businesses are looking to form relationships before they make  purchases.

Adding relationship managers to your sales team will help you to foster productive relationships with leads and take them to the next level.

  • The Researcher

Many B2B sales people aren’t prepared to meet prospects, as the statistic we quoted above suggests. Nothing ruins a B2B lead generation campaign like asking customers about things a sales person could find the answer to on the customer’s homepage.

Enter the researcher. Researchers have far fewer conversations with leads, but their conversion rates are higher. That’s because they spend so much time researching leads and getting to know them before they call.

Many sales managers fail to see the value in Researchers because they’re often not on the phone but on the Internet instead. With this type of B2B sales person, you need to think quality not quantity. Do that and you’ll soon see the value in this type of salesperson.

The Slacker—The Salesperson You Don’t Want

The slack is one type of B2B seller you don’t want. Nearly every sales team has one. Slackers come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: They don’t produce. So when you compare their numbers to the team’s, they fall short.

Slackers can be loud and brash or quiet and unassuming. But however they are, one thing’s certain: They waste time and money.

What’s the best way to deal with the slackers?

Some would say fire them. That’s rather drastic. Some Slackers under perform because they don’t know how to improve. The key to helping them improve is whether they want to get better. If they do, you can train them to become one of the four sales types described above.

Fire slackers only when it’s clear there’s nothing you can do to save them

Last Word – Getting the Right Team

The most successful B2B sales teams are well-rounded. They come with all different types of salespeople. Go out of your way to create a balanced team that can tackle every type of customer out there and your conversion rate will skyrocket.

But remember the best B2BG sales people build relationships. They monitor your customers and turn them into loyal followers of your brand when the time is right. That’s far more profitable in the long-term than constantly trying to find new prospects for your B2B business.

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