4 Ways To Generate Sales Leads From Generation Y Decision-Makers

Olin Hyde
October 14, 2016

The Millennial generation is like no other generation. Generation Y is similar to the Millennial generation in that it has its own set of characteristics. These are people who’ve left college and are in their 30s.

Being slightly older, these people are rarely mentioned in the media, yet they make up 75.4 million people in the workforce. Many of them hold decision making positions in the B2B arena.

These people are the key to growing your company quickly. But reaching them is easier said than done. Below are some tips on how to do that.

Whether it’s through creating high-converting landing pages or social media marketing, you need to learn the principles involved in generating leads from the Y generation. Below are some tips on how to do that:

  • Take intangible benefits into account

Intangible benefits of a product or service go way beyond what you can put into a spreadsheet. An example would be retaining employees or increasing morale in the office.

Thanks to Generation Y, employers have come to value these things more than ever before. Intangible benefits are something you must take into account.

Those people that make up Generation Y are making purchases based on experiences. They are looking for more than a great deal for their business. Even when buying from another business they’re thinking about how to provide a better experience for their customers.

  • Use flexibility and balance

Generation Y is a generation brought up with technology not available to Baby Boomers. But Boomers have made up the ground quickly and now they are as enthusiastic about technology as their Generation Y and Z counterparts.

To produce Generation Y leads, you need to take this into account.That means many strategies used to attract the new Generation Z will also attract the Generation Y.

But the difference is that Generation Y tends to be more flexible and balanced. For example, Generation Y will use Skype as their main method of communication while also participating in the 9-5 rat race.

When marketing to Generation Y, you need to find a balance between the flexibility afforded by new technology and their natural conservatism. Unlike Generation Z employees, they haven’t thrown out the status quo.

  • Become a problem solver

If predictive analytics have taught you anything, it’s that Generation Y is not a generation that trusts marketers. Sending them a huge marketing pitch is not going to win you many leads.

Potential Generation Y leads value trust over everything else. In fact, many members of the Y generation acknowledge they don’t trust a word a marketer says.

That means your B2B business must do everything it can to be a problem solver for this generation and not a marketer. You need to build up authority to get them to trust you.

To do that, you should focus on giving them something of value. This may come in the form of unsolicited advice. Keep in mind that it may take a long time before you can begin selling them something.

Only after you have built genuine relationships can you start converting those leads. Do it right and you won’t just become a great B2B converter, you’ll become a trusted adviser. Your leads will then come to ask about your products and services.

  • Respond quickly to their information needs

Marketing to Generation Y is about marketing to a generation that’s always connected. They conduct most of their affairs online, so they’re used to receiving anything and everything in an instant. You need to cater to that.

It can be as simple as replying to emails in a timely fashion. Or, you can try to get them away from email communication and switch to Skype calls and web conferences.

This approach provides your company with a human face, while ensuring information gets to them in a timely fashion. You also need to get them information quickly.

If you can’t provide them with information quickly, your competitors will step in to fill the gap. And you’ll lose the lead.

Also with this generation, it’s always better to provide them with more information than needed. You can never send them too much information.

Last Word – No Guarantees

Of course, there are never any guarantees of successfully pulling in a lead—regardless of what generation you’re targeting. In fact, you can do everything right and still find they have no interest in what you have to sell.

By adopting the principles discussed above, however, you can boost your strike rate with Generation Y—many of whom are key decision-makers in the B2B arena.

How will you generate Generation Y leads today?

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