4 Ways To Use Pokemon Go To Increase Your B2B Sales Leads

Olin Hyde
September 9, 2016

Pokemon Go has become the next big thing. It has managed to achieve over 75 million downloads worldwide, which makes it one of the leading apps on the planet. From a business standpoint you may wonder why it matters. Creative entrepreneurs have found an unlikely strategy to generate B2B leads when it comes to Pokemon Go. They have learned a lot from it.

As a brand you can generate B2B leads in the online world and in the offline world. Pokemon Go can help you to target both of them. This guide is going to show you three of the ways in which you can use Pokemon Go to increase your B2B sales leads.

Relate Content to Pokemon Go

Content marketing will form a huge part of your campaign to bring in leads. One of the big marketing insights from Pokemon Go is you can easily take advantage of the app by just mentioning it. It’s become such a trend on social media that writing a piece of content about Pokemon Go will instantly get eyes on your brand (hey wait a minute – we’re doing that ourselves right now).

Make your content about Pokemon Go. There are a lot of principles you can learn about marketing from Nintendo. A company that added billions to its share price in a matter of days can teach you a lot.

Levelling up your marketing with Pokemon Go can help you to improve your content marketing campaign, which will also improve your visibility on all channels.

Host an Event Using Pokemon Go

Every B2B company knows that hosting an event or attending someone else’s event gives you a great chance to network face-to-face. Face-to-face networking is incredibly effective because it builds up that solid relationship. You’re not just talking to someone you’re having a relationship with them. When they see your brand in the form of a real person they’re more likely to trust you.

Hosting an event using Pokemon Go might sound immature, but remember that this is a game for all ages. The chances are a lot of your clientele also play the game, particularly if you’re aiming your products at millennial-run companies.

Using Pokemon Go can improve the amount of engagement at your event. You can even throw in some free in-game items to sweeten the deal.

But will this work for every event?

Make sure you have a well-developed B2B customer profile so you know what your audience will actually like. There’s little point in making Pokemon Go the heart of your event if nobody plays it. A great B2B customer profile will help you to make an educated guess on what’s appropriate for your event.

Use Pokemon Go to Hit Millennials

Millennials are by far the biggest players of Pokemon Go. They’re also the hardest audience to hit for the average B2B company. They seem to be immune to standard sales pitches and they’re naturally distrustful of sales agents. Pokemon Go can help you break down those walls.

The new Pokemon game has already added $7.5 billion to Nintendo in a matter of days, so this game still has a lot of juice in it. By using Pokemon Go with millennials you’re going to help establish your reputation as a company that understands its customers.

You can use it in a number of ways, including team building activities, corporate retreats, and at events. The goal here isn’t to immediately increase your revenue. It’s designed to impact long-term revenue through attracting the best young candidates who will add to your company.

Try a Pokemon Go-Related Promotion

Many entrepreneurs have brought in Pokemon Go-related promotions to help garner attention for their brand. This can work extremely well in the short-term because it’s going to stand out on social media. People are going to look at your promotion just because it has Pokemon Go in the title.

But how do you pull off a successful promotion like this?

You can celebrate Pokemon Go by offering practically anything. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with the game itself. Make the promotional branding Pokemon-related in the same way as you would make your Christmas promotion thematic.

What is the Key to Success with Pokemon Go?

Even if you are a startup, Pokemon Go is something you have to take advantage of now if you’re going to grow your startup quickly. This is not something that will still carry the same popularity in six months. Climb aboard now and think about how you can make some short-term gains from it.

Have you ever used Pokemon Go to generate B2B leads in the short-term?

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