5 B2B Lead Generation Tips for Building High Converting Landing Pages

Olin Hyde
June 3, 2016

Your landing page is the main vehicle for persuading B2B buyers to choose you. Yet there are so many landing pages that are simply ineffective, and the conversion rates tend to prove it. This has nothing to do with your digital marketing strategy this has everything to do with the final step.

This guide is going to show you some great B2B lead generation tips for building high converting landing pages.

Keep Your Forms

The vast majority of landing page forms ask for far more information than is really necessary. Customers are warier of giving up their personal information than ever before. They don’t want to give away their personal information unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Don’t play on the fears of your customers by asking for anything more than basic information. Evaluate what your forms are asking for and what you actually need. Yes, it would be nice to know everything about your prospect, but this doesn’t mean that it’s a viable strategy.

You should really be asking for no more than a first name and an email. Even asking for someone’s last name is too much these days.

Always Be Consistent in Messaging

You already know that you have to acquire trust to generate B2B leads. But what a lot of people don’t know is that the consistency of their messaging will have a huge effect on whether someone trusts them or not. This is about the language and the message, rather than anything to do with what you’re actually offering.

Every keyword and every phrase on your landing page should reflect what brought someone to that page in the first place. In other words, the landing page should look a lot like the copy that someone clicked on to get there — it should fufill the promise that was made. This is especially true when it comes to paid search. It’s easier than you might think to get this part wrong by using advertising language that doesn’t reflect what’s on the actual landing page.

This is not so much about the landing page itself but the language you are using to drive traffic to that landing page in the first place.

Can Prospects Scan Your Copy?

Landing pages designed for generating leads should always contain copy that doesn’t distract people from what you’re trying to sell to them. The copy should fade into the background. You should have no problem allowing people to scan your copy. Doing this shouldn’t detract from the overall experience.

Remember that most visitors are not going to read through lots of huge paragraphs. They are going to scan over it while they are doing something else. Most of your potential leads will be doing something else at the same time.

So what’s the best approach?

You should keep your copy as short as humanly possible without detracting from the overall meaning of it. You can also utilize some of the tools on offer to make it easy to scan. For example, you may decide to use arrows, bullet points, and numbered lists.

Tell a Story with Visuals

One little known characteristic of entrepreneurs is telling a good story. Don’t just tell a story on your landing page tell a story with high-quality visuals. Since people are using mobile devices more than ever before, they are even less likely to read a long story. They want something they can consume quickly. According to a study, the brain will process visual content 60,000 times faster than written content.  Naturally, this means more views and a higher chance of a successful conversion.

The visuals use will send a subtle message relating to what you are all about. For example, you may send a message that you are young, hip, and energetic. Switch the images out and you could be communicating a message that you believe in tradition and class.

Visuals can say so much about your brand without you even knowing it.

Give Some Validation with Big Brands

Customer testimonials and demonstrating that you have worked with some big brands will always give you some validation. This social proof will increase your chances of making a successful conversion. You have to remember that unless you are working with a well-known brand, people are not going to care.

Adding lots of logos from brands nobody has ever heard of will only take away from the story you are trying to tell on the page. Remove them entirely and stick with your story. The lack of a distraction will be a huge benefit.

Last Word – Testing Your Landing Page

To make sure you have a great landing page, test it out regularly. Even something as trivial as a one second loading delay can reduce conversions by 7%. Split testing will ensure that your landing page is the best it can possibly be. Try out new things and experiment with different options. You may well stumble upon something you’d never previously considered.

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