5 Characteristics Every Great B2B Sales Team Should Have

Olin Hyde
July 21, 2016

There’s something that separates great B2B sales teams from every other sales team. It’s not because every member of the team is individually brilliant. Many great B2B sales teams have decidedly average players. What separates them is the understanding of their roles, their priorities, and team leadership.

The below characteristics separate great B2B sales teams. These traits allow them to increase their average B2B deal sizes.

They Focus on What Matters

Great B2B sales teams don’t just increase their Internet marketing budgets to succeed. They use their budgets wisely through focusing their resources on key growth areas. They have a one-track mind that focuses on the product and the problem it solves.

Ask any member of the team and they can tell you what the product does and who benefits from it. Everything else is secondary. If someone asks about those secondary benefits, they have the knowledge to answer. Otherwise, everything they say revolves around the main benefit.

From an office point of view, every member of the team focuses on the task at hand. They aren’t interested in office politics or checking Facebook. They are doing their jobs and doing them well.

They Know They Live in an Experience Economy

The media has done nothing but talk about the experience economy. This so-called economy is the idea that people are more interested in better customer experience. It’s why user experience (UX) has become such a big battleground in the last few years.

A big part of UX is great customer service and customer success. It’s not a stretch to say that companies with average products have succeeded on the strength of their customer success alone.

You need to concentrate on giving your customers the best possible experience. You should go out of your way to build a real relationship with potential leads. If you want to improve sales and generate leads, the customer must be at the heart of everything you do.

They are Masters of Execution

What does it mean to execute well?

It usually means every member of the team is aware of what they are doing when a campaign begins. They know what their roles and responsibilities are. You’ll never have someone who’s confused about the new live streaming strategy, for example.

And this applies to the product being sold. Everyone focuses on generating high-converting leads. Even the best team in the world will struggle to sell a startup idea that doesn’t work.

They Know How to Scale

Scaling is the act of taking something that works and enlarging it. You are using the same tactics but on a grander scale. If your thinking was right, your business should expand quickly.

Great B2B sales teams always see their efforts as testing. They are testing until they can hit on something they can scale.

If you want to succeed in the digital economy, you have to be fluid about this. Forget about rehearsed sales pitches and restrictive guidelines. The best teams have the freedom to function in the way they please. When they hit on something, these new findings go to the rest of the company for the greater good.

They are Using Data Not Hunches

The B2B world has changed. The individual brilliance of B2B salespeople is nowhere near as relevant as it was before. Their theories and hunches no longer matter. Less than 24% of sales emails are ever opened. Decisions happen based on data. B2B firms constantly gather data and monitor trends . This way they don’t waste time contacting people who are never going to respond to them.

This is how you streamline your team. Gathering data can increase your productivity and improve your conversion rates. It’s the world of predictive sales and it’s exciting people. They are more interested than ever before in making calculated moves, as opposed to just hitting and hoping.

Conclusion – Leadership is Key

These five characteristics are vital to the success of any company in the B2B industry. What should also be mentioned is the fact that leadership is key. You can’t run a successful team without a supportive manager at the top of it.

The best teams have managers who are open to new ideas, willing to listen to the people working under them, and who give credit to others.

What do you think is the most important facet of a B2B team?

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