5 Facts About Facebook Organic Reach Every Business Should Know

Olin Hyde
July 13, 2016

Facebook reach is the number of people you are reaching with your advertisements and your posts. But what is organic reach and why does it matter to you?

Organic reach is the amount of people you can reach through your regular posts. This is essentially free advertising on Facebook. Over time, organic reach has dropped and is likely to continue to drop. You’re going to learn about some of the key facts every business has to know.

Competition Caused Organic Reach to Drop

The main reason why organic reach dropped was due to competition in news feeds. Users may have hundreds of Facebook friends, but add in all the posts from every friend and you soon have a situation where you will only see a sliver of these posts. Competition has become so fierce because of Facebook’s success.

Furthermore, over time users are naturally going to like more pages, which adds even more posts to the mix. Organic reach is no longer viable because there are too many people and too many posts.

Displaying All Content Would Ruin Organic Reach Further

Businesses often grumble about the fact that their posts are being hidden from users’ news feeds. It can be frustrating after you have spent all that time trying to get people to like your page. But it’s necessary to avoid organic reach dropping even further. Displaying all content would, once again, create more competition.

This is why Facebook has to make sure that users are only seeing updates from the pages they interact with most.

This is Not About Money

A common misconception about Facebook organic reach is that this is a ploy on behalf of Facebook to make more money. By pushing people towards paid advertising they can pad their profits, right? This couldn’t be further from the truth because it’s still possible to market yourself through organic reach.

If you engage your customers, you can still reach people organically. But it requires you to build relationships with your target audience first.

Paid Audiences Still Have Value

It’s true that customers pulled in organically are always more valuable. These people love you for being you. On the other hand, paid audiences just clicked on an ad. They don’t yet know what you’re all about and whether they want to buy from you.

Paid audiences still have value, though. The fans you paid for will still buy from you, but you need to make sure that you’re targeting the right people. Worthless fans happen when your targeting is off.

This doesn’t mean that the fall in organic reach has made Facebook worthless as an advertising platform.

The Fall in Organic Reach Requires Consistent Payment

Facebook has answered the complaints about the decline in organic reach directly. They said that businesses have no reason to use paid advertising to be successful. They claim that you can use organic reach to sell. While this is true, to a point, you should still use paid advertising.

The fall in organic reach does require consistent paid advertising to replace. Your loyal customers will still see your posts, but your paid audience won’t.

Like with any form of advertising, if you want to gain success you have to be consistent. Consistent paid advertising will lead your business to success. To do it you need to start learning and studying. Think about works with Facebook advertising and focus on that.

So is there any guarantee of success?

Absolutely not. Facebook advertising is not a magic bullet for overcoming the decline in organic reach. If your targeting is good and you’re constantly split testing, you will start to make a return on your investment.

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