5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your B2B Lead Generation Campaign

Olin Hyde
March 30, 2019

Is Your Lead Gen Campaign Failing to Boost Your Conversion Rate?

Your B2B lead generation campaign can fail before it ever gets off the ground. Your website could be failing to generate quality leads. Your email marketing efforts might be missing the mark. The strategy you have could be hitting the wrong market. Or you may simply not understand what your target audience really wants.

Laying the foundations before you initiate your campaign can increase your chances of successfully promoting your products or services online.

This guide is going to talk about five of the main mistakes people make when running a B2B lead generation campaign – and how to fix them.

Lead Gen Mistake #1: Narrow Focus

This often comes as a surprise to people. Guides like this often talk about narrowing your focus, but it’s possible to narrow your focus too much. Remember that 76% of B2B buyers will use three or more channels when researching a purchase, so you shouldn’t confine yourself too much.

An example of this is Jay Z’s failing streaming service. Rather than pursue a more traditional approach to marketing campaigns, he relied on using the cache and visibility of well-known musicians. He gathered together his celebrity friends to market it to the general public. The crowd went mild simply because the focus was narrow and, at its heart, there was nothing that made it stand out to that audience.

In fact, by removing his albums from competing music streaming services and offering them exclusively through his own service, he created a considerable backlash from fans who didn’t want to be forced to switch from services they were already using.

Lead Gen Mistake #2: Identity Crisis

Your identity should be fixed. Rebrands can be necessary sometimes, and if you’re in this situation, you already know it’s time to move forward and invest the not-inconsiderable amount of money and resources it requires to do a rebrand well. That said, this is never something you should do on a regular basis as all the changes will leave potential customers feeling confused.

Your lead gen campaign should be backed by a brand your audience knows. Branding should be consistent across all channels, so when you attract interested customers, they know who you are and what you stand for.

This doesn’t apply to making changes to your website to attract more qualified leads. Rebranding applies to changing things like messaging, tagline, logo, colors and the products or services you sell. These are major changes that impact how recognizable you are to consumers, and you should never change key marketing assets or product lines unless you absolutely have to. The average business will only rebrand one or two times during its lifetime.

Lead Gen Mistake #3: Over-Gilding the Lily

Improvement and progression should always form a natural part of your brand. But sometimes you can improve too much. You can improve to your detriment through progressing in a direction your potential prospects don’t want. There are a lot of web platforms that have done this, and even some social media networks.

Your innovations should be based on what your B2B prospects are telling you, rather than based on your own team’s groupthink.

Following the conclusion of each lead generation campaign you should look at the numbers. First of all, you should look for trends. Search for clues that could indicate where you went wrong and what you did right. Issue a survey and ask customers what they think of your campaign.

Improve only when people want you to improve. Why fix what isn’t broken?

Lead Gen Mistake #4: Complacency is a Killer

Your last campaign was a success and you’re still patting yourself on the back. Your next campaign will surely be just as successful, right?

There are no guarantees in B2B. One of the biggest reasons why B2B lead generation campaigns fail is because the people involved got complacent. They were happy with their success and assumed they could copy what they did before. And then they get surprised when they don’t replicate those same results.

You need to make sure you’re learning from every B2B campaign you run. Your findings won’t necessarily warrant anything more than a few tweaks, but it’s important to experiment so you know what’s working the best for your audience.

Can your content marketing efforts be improved? Can you encourage greater engagement? Are you building brand awareness? Is your call to action working? Or can you experiment with some alternative CTAs to see what really drives higher conversions?

Complacency can kill companies.

Lead Gen Mistake #5: Giving Up

It’s not uncommon for companies to give up before they achieve the success that would undoubtedly come to them. They don’t notice the early shoots of success shooting through the soil. Effective B2B lead generation campaigns take time to be successful. Giving up because you aren’t getting the results you want fast enough is crippling.

If you want to be an innovative and fresh B2B company, think about whether you’re giving your campaigns a real chance to succeed.

It’s Not Always Intuitive

Some of these mistakes are never mentioned in other guides like this. People don’t always take them into account when they are wondering why their campaign launches failed.

The overarching message is to listen to your customers because they are the ones who know best, experiment to find out what customer-facing messaging works best, and persevere until you get it right.

What are your top tips for the successful launch of a B2B campaign?

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