5 Reasons Social Media Leads Are Important To Explore For B2B Leads

Olin Hyde
July 26, 2016

As a B2B company, it’s easy to look at social media leads and roll your eyes. It’s true that predictive analytics reveal social media leads are less likely to convert. In fact, 91% will never respond to cold calls in this manner.

You may believe they are not worth your time because of these statistics. But B2B firms are actually missing out on a lot of money by ignoring the value of leads generated from social media.

In this guide, you are going to learn about the reasons why you should explore social media leads.

Businesses are on Social Media Too

It’s easy to think social media is the preserve of people who are just passing the time. It’s simple to think these people have nothing to offer or that they might not be seeking new business services.

But studies show that people spend a huge portion of their day on social media. This takes place as much in the office as it does at home.

Top of the Funnel

Social media is another possible source for prospects for your funnel. Sure, it requires more effort to take someone off of social media to one of your high-converting landing pages. But you can do it.

You must alter your marketing strategy to service leads gained through social media. Your new strategy will have to consider why people on social media became leads in the first place. What sort of content did they respond to?

Higher Reach

One of the reasons why businesses struggle to attract customers is because they lack marketing reach. They are not topping up their funnel with new leads. Once they come to the end of their list of leads, they need to bring everything to a halt until they can generate more leads.

It’s easy to find leads on social media because you can already guarantee your target audience is going to be here. The key to attracting new leads is to go where they are. Every business has a presence on social media, so it makes sense to use social media to generate new B2B leads.

The Reason for Your Low Conversation Rate is in Targeting

One of the biggest criticisms of social media for lead generation and promoting your services on the Internet is conversion rates are low. There’s some truth to this because social media conversion rates do tend to be lower. Low but worth it.

Low conversion rates happen because you are targeting the wrong people. Sites like Facebook have provided more targeting options than ever before.

It’s easy to target on Twitter by the topics that users post. Tools like Socedo can help you find targets if you know what you are listening for. The key is testing, and since this is a drawn out process a lot of businesses aren’t willing to put in the time or the money.

Audience targeting on Linkedin is made much easier with their Advanced Search Options and other lead gen methods32860725_m.jpg

You need to split test your ads to make sure you are hitting the right people. If you hit your target audience, you are going to have far more success.

It Trains You to Produce Good Content

Understanding the value of content to your business will enable you to produce more great content. When you intricately manage each hot lead, you are doing it because you know you are making money for your company. Whether you know it or not, you are putting in more effort.

That’s going to do wonders for building up your online reputation when it’s in the gutter and improving your performance.

Last Word – Social Media Should Be a Priority

Social media is the main driver of traffic. That fact alone should make it obvious why you should be taking social media leads seriously.

Come up with a strategy to capture those leads and increase your social media leads. How are you using social media for your B2B business?

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