5 Reasons Why Facebook Is Essential to Your B2B Lead Generation Strategy

Olin Hyde
October 5, 2016

Do you use Facebook (FB) in your B2B marketing program. Many B2B people believe that Facebook isn’t a good marketing tool for their niche.

It is. In fact, Facebook is an essential B2B lead generation tool.

It’s a powerful social media platform that can be used for absolutely any business. Put simply, you need to generate solid leads on Facebook or you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

This post gives you five reasons why FB should be an essential part of any B2B  lead generation strategy.

It’s the biggest

Numbers alone make FB a worthwhile platform to target. FB is the most popular platform in the world today, with 1.59 billion users. Despite a recent decline in active users, Facebook has no close competitors. Twitter, which is the second biggest network, doesn’t even come close.

The law of averages means that you have a greater chance of finding great leads with FB than with any other platform. In fact, there are very few businesses that don’t have a presence on this network.

Organic reach is down but valuable reach is up

Organic reach has been crippled, which is the harsh reality every entrepreneur should know. There was a lot of collective groaning when this happened, and it’s still declining today. People were terrified that it meant they could no longer advertise on Facebook. Some businesses went as far as removing themselves from this social media network entirely.

That was a mistake. What people forget is that when organic reach was popular and the chronological newsfeed existed, most of the people you were reaching were actually not interested in what you had to offer. It was essentially spam, so people had extremely low conversion rates from Facebook.

It’s true that organic reach is down, but “valuable reach” is up. That means that the people you do reach through FB are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. With FB, it’s easier than ever to find out who is interested in your products and who isn’t.

Access to advanced metrics

As a platform, Facebook is extremely adept at advertising. This isn’t because of the sheer number of options available but because of the power that businesses have when marketing. The Facebook Insights feature allows you to find out practically anything about the people visiting and interacting with your page.

For example, you can separate your audience targeting by both gender and age. These advanced metrics can help you determine if you’re hitting your target audience or appealing to an audience you’d never previously considered.

Paid advertising options are more effective

You don’t just have to rely on organic reach and your FB page to generate B2B leads. You can use it variety of paid advertising options to reach your target audience. Facebook’s paid advertising options are more effective than the ones offered by any other social media network.

That’s due to the Facebook Power Editor. It’s a platform that allows you to target practically any niche audience on Facebook. You can narrow down your audience through selecting a gender, age, location, or interest. You can also set your ads to appear only on specific devices.

And this platform just keeps getting more advanced. Specialized lead generation ads have even been rolled out in the last year to help companies specifically.

A place to become more visible

Facebook is at the head of the social media revolution. Google prioritizes social media interactions above all others, so if you’re popular on Facebook you’ll be on the first page of the search rankings.

But the best thing about Facebook is that it’s ideal for sharing absolutely any type of content. If you want to turn your blog into a lead generation monster, you can. If you want to combine your YouTube efforts with Facebook, you can. If you want to take an infographic popular on Pinterest and share it on Facebook, you can. It’s a place for any type of content designed to appeal to any type of business.

Simply put, the fact you can target just about anyone is what makes Facebook far superior to the other lead generation options available today.

Final Say – Facebook is a Must

There’s no excuse for not using Facebook. It’s true that its paid advertising options do come with a significant learning curve, but many B2B companies are using FB quite effectively. Testimonials and stories have demonstrated time and time again that Facebook is effective at generating quality leads.

Ready to build relationships with businesses in your industry? Then refocus your resources on Facebook today.

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