5 Reasons Why Your Business Leads Aren’t Buying from You

Olin Hyde
March 24, 2016

The B2B sales arena is a competitive one. The chances are you have a whole list of businesses you have created leads from. You have made contact with them and they’ve never bought anything. It should be a source of frustration from you. The chances are they are interested you are just not going about things in the right way.

This guide is going to show you some of the key reasons why your business leads aren’t buying from you.

You Let Them Go Cold

A lot of companies will have a list of leads. They will usually choose the oldest leads to attack first because they don’t want them to expire. This is a mistake because it means your newest leads are going to get older and they are going to forget about you.

The way to go about it is to hit your leads while they are still warm. Give them a chance to forget about you and they will be less likely to have any interest in what you have to offer when you eventually call. Get a grip on your list of leads and make the newest ones your priority.

You Haven’t Hit Them Hard Enough

In previous years, it was common to only have to hit a lead one or two times before you knew whether they were going to buy from you or not. Today that’s not the case. A couple of touches is barely enough to understand the needs of the customer let alone whether they are going to make a purchase.

It can take over ten brand touches before you actually get a decision. These could come in the form of emails, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings.

Don’t give up on your leads too early.

It’s Not All About Them

As a salesperson, it’s easy to gush about your products. It’s easy to spend all your time telling people about how fantastic what you have to offer is. But this is a mistake because businesses don’t care about what you have to offer. You have to make them care by bringing it back to what it can do for them.

Most of your exchanges will involve no discussion about your solutions at all. Instead, you should be talking about their organizations and the challenges they are facing.

You should be marketing yourself as a company that solves problems.  Naturally, you will bring these exchanges all the way back to you, but ultimately it’s always directed towards making their companies into success stories.

A Badly Targeted Audience

The top priority for so many businesses is attracting as many leads as possible. A marketing team will see this as the chief indicator of success. The truth is this means nothing. It’s like the amount of web traffic you have. It doesn’t necessarily translate to any income.

Your success is based on how many leads you can convert into customers. And research states this is largely based on your ability to draw people in from that first click. It’s always better to have ten leads that buy than a thousand leads that don’t buy. The former translates to your bottom line and the latter means absolutely nothing.

The reason why you may not be converting your leads is because you are not focusing on the right leads, the businesses that are actually interested in what you have to offer. You are looking purely at the numbers as an indicator of success.

What About the Deal?

Ultimately, when a decision maker looks at a product they are looking at the deal as a whole. They are thinking about what can be done for their business and then weighing it against the cost of actually taking advantage of it. What you’re offering may not be worth it for that lead.

You can prevent a lot of wasted time by taking a step back and considering the value of your deal from the beginning. Think about whether you would pay that amount of money for that product or service. Is it providing enough value for money to get people interested?

If not, you may need to think about changing your offering, or changing your audience. Even the best sales team will not be able to convince a lead to buy something that doesn’t provide them with value for money.

Last Word

There are many reasons why a lead may not turn into a paying customer. And the chances are you can make the difference. You are never going to generate a lead that always turns into a paying customer, but you can vastly increase your strike rates. The power is in your hands to make sure your marketing doesn’t fall short.

How are you going to go about improving your lead generation techniques today?

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