5 Tips For Delivering An Exceptional B2B Sales Experience

Olin Hyde
August 26, 2016

Your B2B sales experience is what sets you apart from every other company in the same sector. With 90% of people not responding to cold calls now, you have to focus on quality not quantity of leads.  If your leads aren’t responding its time to think about changing your sales experience to generate more sales for the rest of the year.

Whether you’re getting your leads through social media or through your website, the principles of the sales experience remain the same. You need to give them what they want.

So how do you go about delivering that exceptional B2B sales experience?

What Do They Want?

B2B companies have the same big problem as email marketers. They are sending the same content to everyone, regardless of their behaviors or their needs. Those rehearsed scripts are practically useless because they don’t meet the needs of the B2B company in question.

On the contrary, you’re insulting them through potentially giving them a pitch that doesn’t apply to them. Focus less on automation and more on providing tailored solutions to your leads. An exceptional B2B sales experience starts with you treating every customer like an individual.

Provide Unsolicited Advice

No company likes to be sold to. They close their minds and they usually bring the conversation to an end at the earliest possible opportunity. The best B2B sales experience involves people feeling as if they are talking to a friend. They shouldn’t feel like they’re talking to a sales rep.

The easiest way to give people the impression they aren’t being sold to is to provide some unsolicited advice. Find out about their problems and give them some tips on how to solve those problems. It shouldn’t have anything to do with buying something from you.

This will engender trust and increase the likelihood that they’ll continue the dialogue.

Build Relationships from the Beginning

The reason why your average B2B deal sizes are low is because you’re not building up relationships from the start. B2B buyers want to work with sellers they have strong relationships with. In this scenario you’re not the seller but a partner. There’s a big difference between the two. And it could mean the difference between making a sale or not.

So how do you do this?

Most of the best B2B sellers are rarely making overt pitches. They’re not sending email after email encouraging people to buy their stuff. One look at their mailing lists reveals they rarely sell anything at all. Most emails are about building up relationships.

Show a genuine interest in their business and what they’re doing. There’s no better way to grab someone’s attention.

Do You Have a Clear Funnel?

When someone shows an interest in your business they should know exactly where to go next. As they advance down the sales funnel there should be a clear path. This is something you dictate from behind the scenes. So many emails B2B companies send are not designed to advance the customer journey.

You wouldn’t create a landing page to improve sales if it didn’t have a forwarding link, so why don’t B2B sellers have a clear path through the funnel?

To succeed in this digital economy you need a map for how each type of customer is going to get from first contact to making a purchase.

Make Everyone Feel Important

One of the facets about the modern B2B company is there isn’t only one decision maker. The person you’re speaking to may not be the person making the final decision, or they could be just one of many. Regardless of whether they are making the final decision, you need to make them feel as if they are making the final decision. The first contact point’s impression matters when they are discussing a purchase with the rest of the company.

Go out of your way to make that person feel like the boss. Treat them with the respect they deserve. Unbelievably, there are some companies that will go over someone’s head to the decision maker to try and close a deal. There’s no easier way to lose a sale. And making that mistake could sink your startup in the long-term.


These five tips will help you to improve your B2B experience. Treat every potential lead as an individual lead. Avoid trying to put someone into a box. Providing a personalized experience can be the best way to deliver a B2B experience that leads to a sale.

How will you improve your B2B experience today?

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