5 Ways to Boost Repeat Sales By Gaining Customer Loyalty

Olin Hyde
September 15, 2016

Customer loyalty is critical to your business. That’s because it guarantees you repeat sales going forward and a steady flow of income. But generating repeat sales through customer loyalty is a challenge. You need to learn how to create customer loyalty if you want to enjoy its benefits.

How important is customer loyalty to a prospect? It’s critical. In fact, 83% of customers believe that loyalty programs make them more likely to do business with companies. This blog post gives you several ways to generate the kind of  loyalty that assures repeat sales.

  • Clearly express the value in your product or service

Your customer wants to buy a product or service from you. That’s the whole point of why they’re interested in you. But a sale can’t happen without your input. In other words, you need to give customers the right information—the kind  of information that triggers sales.  So you have to create attention for a product or service, if want to generate long-term customer loyalty.

start by thinking about what business need you’re trying to help your customer satisfy. How does your offering help them to do that? Answer that question in a clear and simple way and you dramatically increase your offering’s value to your customer. That, in turn, helps generate customer loyalty.

  • Provide awesome customer service

Great support can be just as valuable as a great product or service in today’s business environments. Nobody wants to feel like they’re buying from a faceless corporate entity. They want to feel like they’re buying from someone who cares about them. providing great support says you care.

The key to doing that is to be available to answer their questions when they want them answered. Whenever they have a problem with their order, you need to make sure they can reach an actual person that can help them solve their problems. The worst thing you can do is pass them over to a robot.

So how do you go about providing great support? First, make sure customers can get in touch with you through multiple channels. Not every customer wants to contact you the same way. So make sure customers can contact you through social media and by phone, email, online help desk, and every other way possible.

Second, track how your customers interact with you. Tracking allows you to personalize the user experience. Remember, not everyone wants to get the same experience every single time. Treating everyone the same way is an easy way to leave money on the table.

  • Treat everyone like a human being

The easiest way to generate customer loyalty is to treat everyone like a human being. That’s easier said than done.  It’s difficult to treat everyone like an individual when you have customers coming and going constantly. While treating every one like a human being is time consuming, it’s also necessary. So get  to know and understand your customers. Ask yourself who are they and what do they want?

Keep in mind that every customer niche is different and the chances are you’re trying to cater to a lot of different types of customers simultaneously. A personalized experience make customers feel special,l like they really matter. Also, catering to a market that your competitors aren’t catering to correctly is a good way to generate a competitive edge.

  • Offer incentives to stay with you

Earlier we said you should provide incentives via loyalty programs to keep customers on board. Since your main priority is keeping existing customers, it makes sense to use incentives to generate repeat business. A formal loyalty program is one option open to you.

A loyalty program could include special promotions like free shipping, special discounts, and sneak peeks at your latest products. Other tools exist to increase customer loyalty beyond the loyalty program. Use as many of these tools as possible.

Increasing customer loyalty can be done in many ways. The key is giving something without expecting something in return.

  • Touch base with customers regularly

Nobody likes it when someone gets in touch with them just to sell them something. So contact prospects every so often just to ask about how they’re doing. This tactic is especially useful when there’s a long wait between product or service news or releases. The biggest threat to retaining customers is time. Allow prospects to go cold and they’ll gradually forget about you.

A simple message saying hello is all it takes sometimes to remind your customers that you exist and that you care about them.

Last Word – Loyalty Takes Time

It’s true. Generating customer loyalty takes time. It’s not something that you can breed overnight. But if you’re smart about it you can accelerate the process and guarantee your company a steady income by generating repeat sales. Follow our five tips on generating customer loyalty and you’ll transform customer experiences.  Doing that will boost sales.

What are your top strategies for keeping customers loyal?

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