5 Ways to Find the Perfect Holiday Gift Using Data

Olin Hyde
December 13, 2015

The gift giving season is almost over. I get it — you’ve been busy and didn’t want to get up at 2 am on Black Friday. Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday blasted past you and you are far from finished with your holiday shopping. Never fear, help is here! We believe that you can use data to find better gifts. Of course we would think this since we use this same philosophy to power our B2B sales lead platform, LeadCrunch (Yayy, I found a way to mention our product in this post! 10 points for Gryffindor!)

So let’s get to it. How you can use data to find better holiday gifts for your significant other, kids, friends, and other family members? First, though, let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way: Men, do not buy appliances for women. Women, men nearly always like gadgets. Here’s a quick overview of the rest of the advice in this post:

  • Ask friends of the recipient
  • Identify the last several gifts you gave this person that they liked
  • Identify things the person already loves that are ready to be upgraded or accessorized
  • Check internet gift list articles
  • Check Amazon’s popular gift lists

Let’s dive deeper into each of these gems:

Step 1: Ask friends of the recipient

Friends are a great resource for gift intel. My guess is that if your receipient wants something badly, they won’t shut up about it with their friends. These friends have two huge incentives to tell you what the person wants: 1) they get to see their friend a little happier and 2) they don’t have to hear the receipient talk about how much they want this thing anymore.

Step 2: Identify the last several gifts you gave this person that they liked

So the idea here is to lean from your successes and mistakes. Did you give your high school son a cable sweater only to re-discover it in the closet several years later ravaged by moths? And did you later become a hero when you later gave your son the latest Call of Duty game? Chances are, you’ve already had at least one success that can inform your current gift purchase. Be the person who gets smarter over time.

Step 3: Identify things the person already loves that are ready to be upgraded or accessorized

Is your husband’s iPhone 2 generations behind? Is his favorite sweater threadbare? Who wouldn’t like the latest version of something they already love? What about accessories? Could they use a bunch of new apps for their new Apple Watch? Think about helping them get more lasting value from activities and things they already love.

Step 4: Check internet gift list articles

After steps 1-3, you probably have a decent list of ideas that you can use. At this point, I like looking up articles that list the top 50 best gifts for men, women, or teenagers depending on your recipient. That allows me to scan the latest and greatest items that are popular to help me find a good match or two. I also generate more ideas and can narrow down the list and comparison shop for a final purchase.

Step 5: Check Amazon’s popular gift lists

If you are still stuck at this point, Amazon also has lists of the most popular gifts for men, women, and teens using its ingenious gift finder. What’s great is that you can also shop by category and price range. If all else fails, you can get a gift card to Amazon or Target and let the recipient pick their own gift.

we can certainly find a solid gift appropriate for each recipient. So, fellow last minute gift giver, get ‘er done and reward yourself with a peppermint-gingerbread-egg-nog latte and enjoy the sugar-caffeine rush. Happy Holidays to you and yours!



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