5 Ways to Generate B2B Business Leads on Facebook

Olin Hyde
March 10, 2016

Facebook has a hidden audience. You see the users clicking and commenting actively, but the statistics say that as much as 40% of Facebook’s actual audience are lurkers. They browse but they don’t interact. That means your audience on Facebook is bigger than you originally thought.

It’s the best possible for anyone who is looking to generate additional B2B business leads via Facebook. In this guide, you are going to learn about five of the ways to generate leads using the social network.

Grab the Like

Generating business leads requires you to get a ‘like’ before you can get anything else. The way Facebook works is that someone has to like your page before you can begin sending them personal messages from your page. Understand that organic reach has been crippled and you must secure the like first because less than 1% of people will return to your page twice.

Your Facebook page is your major hub for building a relationship with that person, so create a campaign that exudes the importance of liking your page.

Use Facebook as a Content Marketing Platform

Much has been made of the significant decline in organic reach. For many companies, this meant that they stopped using it as a content platform entirely. It makes sense when you think about it. What’s the point in marketing to a platform that actively stops your content from reaching its target audience?

But it’s still vital that you try. The reality is so many people have given up content marketing and it’s caused their pages to go stale. Why would anyone want to connect with you on Facebook when you have absolutely nothing to offer?

Create a Contest

Contests are always a controversial issue for getting people involved with your page. Some people are against them because they attract people for all the wrong reasons, whereas others love them because they lead to a spike in activity.

The trick to creating leads with a contest is to choose a prize that makes sense to your target audience. Simply offering an iPad isn’t going to attract your target audience. Offer something that’s relevant only to your company.

Think about what a gaming site might do. They may offer a virtual currency for one of their games. It’s a prize that can really only be taken advantage of by someone with an interest in that gaming site. It guarantees the validity of the people involved.

Understand How the Algorithms Work

Facebook uses an algorithm known as EdgeRank to decide what appears in your newsfeed. It used to work that the first piece of content posted would appear, but this is no longer relevant. Facebook tries to choose the content that it thinks you will care about the most.

So what works best for appearing in newsfeeds?

It’s all in how useful your content is and how creative it is. Your content should be relevant and compelling. Naturally, content with a high degree of interaction is going to appear in news feeds. Here are some methods for taking advantage of Facebook’s algorithm:

  • Ask open-ended questions. This will invite interaction thus increasing your social reach.
  • Create updates with some real value attached to them. Stop spewing out a constant stream of sales messages.
  • Post at different times of day. This will target slightly different audiences. You can do this through automatically setting up updates.
  • Don’t post more than once or twice per day. Anything more and you could be accused of spam.
  • Take note that Facebook’s algorithms have been prioritizing images and videos. Try to attach one or both of these to your content.

Go Outside of Facebook

Your site and other social media platforms will play a big part in getting you the interaction and the leads you want. Most people use more than Facebook. If you don’t capture a lead on Facebook, you may capture them elsewhere and bring them to Facebook later on.

Never put all your eggs in one basket. Go out of your way to appear on as many different platforms as possible to increase your chances of a positive response.


Contacting a lead doesn’t always lead to immediate results. Most studies say that you need to touch base with someone at least eight times before they will make a buying decision. You have to build relationships with leads, and this takes time and effort. This applies even more when you are selling high ticket products and services.

How will you gather more leads on Facebook today?

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