5 Ways To Improve Your Marketing In A Budget Friendly Manner

Olin Hyde
September 8, 2016

In the age of startups, one of the main goals for a business is customer acquisition. To bring in customers, a good market strategy is very important. It is as hard as it is important for a company to get and then retain customers.

Often, the startups and small businesses might not have enough capital to get Marketing done with the help of professionals. But marketing is a game of working smart and not necessarily working hard.

With the digital age and availability of social media, marketing has become easy and widely effective. So here are some ways to improve your marketing in a budget friendly manner.

  1. Make a website

You can start your online journey by making your own website. A website will make your business more appealing and more customer friendly. It will also make promotion and organisation easier.

So, learn how to create a blog and then do content marketing. You can also provide a catalogue of the products you sell or the services you offer. It will become more convenient to market your product or services through other online tools. You can also submit your website’s URL to Google or Bing and improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

  1. Create a strong online presence

Be there on every social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Linkedin etc. Provide your followers with something useful and post a few times a week. Gauge your interested customer base.

This will help you to acquire customers from all over the country and even the world. Social media can be used to reach a large number of new customers. Tag relevant people on social media posts to grab attention of prospective customers. Find a niche to target specific potential clients as well.

  1. Through E-mail

Email marketing is an effective strategy. Get people’s email addresses and use it for promotion and send out email newsletters and interesting mails.

Send press releases and events’ information through e-mails. Include a logo and your website and get more clicks. It will make your business more professional.

  1. Referrals and follow-up with existing customers

One of the greatest marketers of your business can be your current customers. Giving them attention will make them come for more and also bring others with them. Word of mouth can be a great tool.

You can create referrals and give the customer a freebie or some discount. Make them feel special by giving a limited offer that only they can use. You can also hand out referral cards. Make sure you promote the referral program so that people know about it.

  1. Volunteer for events, charities and take part in local awards and competitions

Local news, events and networks can give you faster results than aiming at a national audience , especially if you are at an initial level of your business. Visibility is very crucial. You can tale part in charities, festivals, workshop etc to create your brand presence even if you don’t get any monetary return.

Community projects can be very good for your company’s reputation and also your personal growth. You can also find mutually beneficial relationships at these events by meeting with complementary businesses.

So, here are the instruments that you can utilise for a minimal amount and mark the existence of your business.

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