5 Ways You Can Generate More Leads Using Content Marketing

Olin Hyde
June 7, 2017


Of all the buzzwords floating around the marketing world these days, “content marketing” is becoming an industry staple. To do business online, it’s practically mandatory to use content marketing to lure in prospective clients with your information and authority.

As much fun as it is to create interesting content for your website or video channel, content marketing must focus on generating leads. In other words, putting out content is only useful if it’s appealing and relevant enough to users to convince them to give you their contact information. Below are five tips on how to produce more leads by stepping up your content marketing.

– Host a Webinar

It’s time to brush up on your public speaking skills: giving webinars is a great content strategy for acquiring leads. By teaming up with industry thought leaders or using your expertise, a webinar provides the opportunity to present relevant, useful information online to an audience of captive listeners. Basically, you’re inviting people to watch you prove how knowledgeable you are in your niche.

This effort can boost your chances of acquiring leads. By providing something of real value to your audience, you will build trust with those that need and want your expertise. So you can’t get lazy when hosting webinars. Providing real applications and training wins over prospects. If you have a strong speaker with useful information to give others, a webinar casts a wide net for leads and dazzles them.

– Create Case Studies

Case studies can also prove useful in lead generation, despite their reputation as being boring and uninspired. They’re considered among the most effective content marketing strategies in the B2B industry because they can transform passive readers into potential customers.

The key to this transformation is presenting a good story about a customer who used one of your products or services and found success in some way. If the customer really made it big with your help, great. If not, you can still tell a great story about the usefulness of your assistance, as well as potential solutions for clients with similar issues.

– Write an E-Book

It’s true that there are a lot of trashy, badly written e-books out there that hurt their writers’ reputations. However, your e-book can do the opposite – as long as you do it right.

By presenting your expertise and delivering it in an understandable way to prospects, you can prove yourself useful and strengthen your reputation to attract more leads. Simply convey the knowledge you’ve gained through the course of building your business in a free format that will allow you to educate your readers. Show people what you know so that they are willing to provide you with their email addresses and enter your sales funnel.

The trick is to make sure your e-book is well-written and provides useful information for readers. That way you assign value to your brand and encourage more interest in it

– Author a Whitepaper 

Similarly, providing audiences with information backed up by research and data through a whitepaper can bolster your reputation and generate leads. As long as the information is actionable and isn’t just summarizing everything that’s out there about your topic, it can be a great asset to any content marketing strategy.

To write a successful whitepaper, you need to focus on just one aspect of a customer’s purchase journey. Make sure the information you provide is helpful and educational. Then distribute it throughout your marketing channels, offer prospects more information if interested in exchange for their emails. Doing so doesn’t push too hard for a sale, avoids turning off potential customers), and warms up your leads.

– Shoot Videos

Videos are the most popular type of online content, which means that making an entertaining, valuable video can expose your brand to hundreds – even thousands – of potential leads.

But you need to create video content that provides viewers with new knowledge related to your business. For instance, discussing solutions to common customer problems in your industry provides real value to prospects. Conveying that knowledge in an entertaining, visual, human way will help you produce more views and encourage sharing. At that point, you’ve warmed up your audience and can provide a call to action to get their contact information.

Even better, tease your viewers a little to really hook them. Make a short teaser trailer about your video outlining its main points and benefits, encourage people to leave their email addresses to get access to the full video, and publish it. Soon, you may see contact information start rolling in.

The Last Word — Provide Some Valuable Information

Although there isn’t one tried-and-true method for productive content marketing, focusing on providing valuable information to the public will keep you on the path to success. More importantly, keeping your marketing toolbox full of different strategies will help you generate more leads and boost revenues.

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