6 Reasons Why Your Website Is Failing To Generate Leads

Olin Hyde
August 5, 2016

Generating B2B leads requires your website to be setup to generate leads in the first place. 61% of businesses say generating high-quality leads is their greatest challenge. So many businesses have great lead generation campaigns, only to fall at the final hurdle. To make sure you get leads not inquiries, this guide is going to show you some of the main reasons your website isn’t generating leads.

You Have No Landing Pages

Did you know that another name for a landing page is a conversion page?

There’s a reason for that and it’s because a landing page gives you two options. You can continue down the sales funnel or you can leave. When combined with a persuasive ad, your landing page can increase your conversion rates.

If you have yet to create any landing pages, now is the time to do it.

Who is Your Target Audience?

Your website is another marketing platform. And like any marketing platform it needs to have defined audience targeting. Without a target audience, you are never going to get the results you want. You are not going to cater to the people who matter most.

It works the same way with social media. The most attention grabbing Tweets have a defined target audience. Companies need to define their target audience and engage with them accordingly. To master the art of persuasion for B2B sellers it’s necessary to have an intimate knowledge of what your market wants.

You Have Let Your Online Presence Slip

One look at most B2B websites today and you will see they don’t take into account the latest trends in web design. Many of these websites were designed in 2008. That’s when most B2B companies started to understand they needed an online presence.

The problem is they haven’t updated their websites since that time. If your website is still a cheap WordPress theme, you are not going to get any business at all. People can tell when you haven’t invested in your website.

Modern B2B themes are persuasive and designed to encourage customers to click. Older themes are outdated and they are smothering your conversion rates.

You Have No Educational Information On Your Website

Part of B2B selling is educating your prospects. Your products and services may be solving a problem your customers have yet to realize they have. You need to show them why you are the best and what you can do for them. What you need to know is that this can be done through content marketing.

Informative content doesn’t have to be on the homepage. It must be somewhere easily accessible. A single whitepaper and a few in-depth guides can lead to hundreds of leads. You will rank higher in the search engines because of your increased authority. Plus you will have content to offer via social media.

Where is Your Blog?

Every website must have a blog. The days are gone where you had to make sure you were posting a blog at least twice a week. The fact is blogs tend to be longer than ever before and they are more in-depth. Most blogs are a cross between evergreen content and content with a short shelf life.

The point is you should be blogging. This will give you content to take full advantage of social media marketing. Part of the reason why your prospects will come to your blog in the first place is because you have an in-depth blog.

No Calls to Action

A quality piece of content on your website is great, but where do you go after that?

Your customers don’t know. You need to make it clear what you want them to do after every piece of content. It’s unbelievable how many B2B websites have no calls to action at all. Every piece of content is part of your sales funnel and without a call to action you are cutting off that funnel prematurely.

When writing a call to action, limit it to one per page. You don’t want to confuse your customers by telling them to do multiple things at the same time.


Making your website into a lead generation machine requires a complete redesign. Everything about your site should be geared towards generating leads. By focusing your website on one goal, you are going to generate far more leads than you ever have before.

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