6 Small Ways You Can Change Your Website To Generate Leads

Olin Hyde
August 4, 2016


Read a lot of guides and read the most attention grabbing Tweets on lead generation. You will believe that you have to make huge changes to your website if you’re going to get the conversion rates you want. But they are mistaken because some small changes can turn inquiries into leads.

Sometimes your website only misses a few key ingredients. And this article is going to introduce you to some top tips for making sure that your website generates leads.

With marketing communications making up 70% of spam complaints, you need to send the right message to your prospects.

Include a Phone Number

Many businesses believe they don’t need to include a phone number because they sell a digital product. This is logical but it’s not about encouraging people to call it’s about getting people to trust you.

You include it on your website for the same reason that you would include an address. It’s designed to make people feel they can trust you. And a characteristic of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to inspire trust.

Ideally, you should make it a landline number, but a cell phone number works as well.

Post a Form On Every Page

A common mistake businesses make is they will only include a form on their landing page and homepage. The other pages of their website don’t have anything. To increase the number of leads, you need to make the form easily accessible. Buyers make split second decisions and if you don’t have a form ready to go they are not going to search for it.

With your forms you should ask for as little information as possible. People are wary about giving up their personal details, so only ask for what you actually need. In this case, your goal is to capture the email so you can begin the sales process. Anything else isn’t necessary.

Ensure your forms go above the fold to increase the chances of visitors filling it in. Also, make this process especially easy for people accessing your forms via a mobile device.

Add Images to Create Credibility

Credibility is everything when it comes to being successful with B2B selling. Unless you have that credibility people are not going to pay any attention to you. The way to create credibility is to use images to your advantage.

One way to use images is to take pictures of your office and the people involved in your business. It reinforces the fact your business is real and you are genuine. Another way is to grab testimonials from happy clients. You can make these written credible testimonials or you can shoot videos, if the client will allow it.

Solid testimonials add social proof that increases conversions. Just make sure the brands you are gaining testimonials from are willing to act as references. A random testimonial from John Smith means nothing because anyone can write one of those and put it up under some random name.

Using Online Videos to Generate Leads

The number one way to use the art of persuasion for B2B sellers is to take advantage of video marketing. With the rise of mobile, video marketing has risen alongside it, and video will one day make up the majority of online content.

Studies have shown users who view videos from start to finish are more likely to make a purchase. What you post is up to you. Some ideas include product demonstrations, behind the scenes looks at your company, and simple slideshows.

Using Trust Seals

A trust seal is so often seen as a relic of the past. Anyone could make up a trust seal on Photoshop and slap it on their website. But these days trust seals are different because they actually mean something. The seal has a tangible benefit.

For example, the BuySafe trust seal is a seal that entitles customers to receive a $500 guarantee on deliveries of all items from the associated store. If those items are damaged or lost, the customer can gain up to $500 in compensation. In this case, the seal actually has some value.

Using Action Verbs

You know sales copy on your website is important. But even changing one word here or one word there can make a massive difference. Use action verbs like ‘get’ and ‘have’ because they are strong and actionable. The traditional formal corporate tone is neutral and rarely compels anyone to do anything.

Using action in your words will translate to customers through a sense of urgency. Incorporate them into your copy to increase your conversion rates.

What changes will you make to improve conversion rates on your website today?

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