6 Tips to Turn Your Blog into A Lead Generation Monster

Olin Hyde
April 20, 2016

All B2B marketers are looking for the next big thing that’s going to attract people to them. You should always be looking forward, but you already have one of the strongest lead generation tools right under your nose. The humble blog may be getting old, but it remains one of the most effective ways of generating leads.

Think of social media. You need content to drive that platform forward, and most of that content comes from one blog or another. The chances are you are not generating solid leads because you are not using your blog to its maximum potential. Make blogging your priority and you could become 13 times more likely to experience positive ROI.

This guide is going to show you how to turn your blog into a lead generation monster.

Use a Call to Action

This is blogging 101. A piece of content has to have a point. It’s part of your sales funnel and it has to lead somewhere. You may get the CEO of a major company to read your blog, but once they get to the end of that content, they need somewhere to go next. They may think it’s a great piece of content, but ultimately they are going to click away from it.

Leave a strong call to action at the bottom to begin that dialogue. Whether it’s a call to subscribe to your newsletter or to contact you, include something.

Install a ‘Hello’ Bar

The Hello bar is that bar at the top of a blog’s page. It spans the whole width of the page and contains some form of call to action. This is ideal for driving traffic to both landing pages and squeeze pages. At the same time, it’s not overly invasive. It follows the user as they scroll, so they don’t have to click it straight away, if they don’t want to.

Offer Something Exclusive

Your blog should contain something that can’t be found anywhere else. If you are simply posting the same content on every platform you have control over, what reason do people have to come to your blog? You have to always provide something exclusive to your users.

Make sure that this exclusive content provides real value to your B2B leads. The important thing to remember is that B2B lead generation is about gathering intelligence. Do this and then craft blog content based on this. Use this exclusive, targeted content to entice leads to contact you.

Prominent Facebook marketer Jon Loomer started up the Power Hitters Club for that reason. On this part of his site, he expands on the things he talks about elsewhere, and you can only find this content here.

Offer Reader Perks

A great way to generate B2B leads is to offer blog readers perks. For example, you may offer free consultations or a discount on your products by using a coupon code found on the blog and nowhere else. Don’t think that these tactics are just for B2C businesses. They work equally well for B2B customers.

The key is to engage these leads in conversation. It can come simply from a customer service question. Just make sure that you preserve your online reputation by only offering something of real value. Always think about your value proposition before offering anything.

A Welcome Redirect

If you want something more active, you may want to consider a form of Welcome Redirect instead. There are plenty of WordPress plugins available to help with this. A welcome redirect is when someone clicks on a piece of content and is redirected to a lead capture page, before they move on to the piece of content. It’s like a lightbox but more ‘in your face’.

This is something that won’t work for every industry and may well annoy a fair few of your readers. To make this work effectively, you should conduct extensive A/B testing. If it’s hurting your conversion rate, this is clearly not the tactic for your niche.

Use Margin Banners

Practically every blog has a type of margin banner. It’s always on your right and this is a small banner ad that encourages you to sign up to the company newsletter or to find out more about a specific product. It may also slide down the margin as your scroll.

These margin calls to action have proved to be extremely effective in leveraging business leads. There’s no reason why you can’t use them to your advantage, but again make sure you are A/B testing to ensure that you are not inadvertently hurting your conversion rate.

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