7 Ways To Engage Your Audience Through Content

Olin Hyde
July 7, 2016

You’ve already heard that content is king. Content is the single most powerful tool you have at your disposal. Nobody can replicate a great piece of content. It just happens. No marketing company can make a brand go viral without quality content that people want to read.

So how should you go about engaging your audience through your content?

Inform Your Audience

The primary purpose of content in SEO and engagement is to inform your target audience about something. Tell people about what’s going on. Provide details of some specific incident and bring something to their attention. Just get the word out.

You’ll use this most often. It also gets the least amount of engagement because you are simply telling someone something.

Teach Someone a Lesson

Many people say that this is the most valuable piece of content available. You are actively changing someone’s life by teaching them how to do something. Share some of your insider tips and keep your audience coming back for more. There’s nothing more valuable than educational content.

Provide a Solution

Content designed to advise is another valuable type of content. Take the opportunity to share some words of advice.  Thousands are searching for solutions every day and, whether you know it or not, every company is in the business of solving problems.

If you are having trouble identifying the problems, speak to your clients directly. Customers love it when businesses seek out their opinions because it demonstrates that they matter.

Start a Debate

Sometimes it pays to start an argument. People get heated easily, especially when it’s related to a particular piece of controversial content. Write on a controversial content and come down firmly on one side of the argument. Starting a debate also encourages your audience to interact with each other.

Just make sure that you have all your facts in order. Starting a debate can leave you looking foolish if you haven’t done your research.

Offer an Explanation

Things happen sometimes that aren’t always easily understood. Go out of your way to offer an explanation relating to a change that has been made. You may be apologizing to your customers or you could be providing some information on why something in the industry has changed in a specific way.

It’s different from educational content because you’re providing this in response to a certain problem. It won’t be a common type of content, but when you use it you’ll break up the staleness of your regular stream of blogs.

Overcome Client Problems

Look at the most common objections offered by people who don’t want to buy your products. They could boil down to a range of issues, but pick out the most obvious ones. Look to challenge the assumptions your generated leads hold. Take each one and knock it down.

This is valuable content that people can learn from. You should also be able to engage new customers because studies show that independent research before contacting a company is common.

Train Your Customers

Content creation isn’t just about talking to potential new leads. Instead, you should be targeting the customers you don’t have yet. If you have people at the bottom of the funnel, you need to urge them through that funnel. An easy way to do this is through offering training.

A lot of companies provide free tutorials, before offering to upsell them to a full training course. Feel free to use eBooks, white papers, webinars, and video tutorials to deliver training.

With these seven ways to engage your audience through content in mind, how are you going to win over your leads today?

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