8 Reasons You Should Consider Implementing AI For Your Marketing Efforts

Olin Hyde
November 15, 2017

Marketers always are looking to get ahead of the competition. From gaining new lead lists to earning a better ROI on their paid advertising, this is undoubtably a cutthroat industry. However, that’s why the people in this industry value the tools in their arsenal very highly. And if you’re looking to get ahead, then looking into how AI for marketing can help might be your best bet.

As one of the most significant innovations to hit the tech world as of late, AI has been finding its way into almost every industry, with marketing being near the forefront of adoption. While many of these technologies are still early, they’ve proved numerous use cases, which luckily for you, we’ve outlined a few of our favorites. Check them out below:

AI Is In Its Early Stages

One of the biggest benefits of hopping onto a new technology is the learning experience you can gain about how to be successful with it, as well as being able to gain this knowledge at a low price. As AI is still a relatively new practice to the mainstream, there are still developers getting into the nuts and bolts of this practice, making it a good opportunity to bring on young talent that can grow with your firm. Plus, with how much AI has become more influential in marketing, this is sure to become a prominent force in the years to come.

Chatbots Can Help You Save A Ton On The Logistical Elements

If there’s one thing that we’ve seen early success with regarding AI, it has to be chatbots. These devices have found their way to helping people to handle a lot of the customer service needs, as well as gaining valuable feedback for what the product and marketing can improve. According to Gartner, by 2020, 85 percent of customer interactions will be handled by a chatbot, which is a pretty staggering prediction when guessing what’s to come. However, with how well chatbots have been able to handle basic functions, these can be an excellent tool to aid in saving your team a ton of time.

Voice Will Play A Big Role With SEO

As we’ve started to see early use cases on how AI can play a significant role in SEO, the rise in voice search will additionally be integrated with those functions at an alarming rate. As noted by Hubspot, 60 percent of smartphone users have started using voice search in the past year, making it one of the fastest growing SEO tools out there. And as AI is able to pinpoint how people use different phrasing in their search between that of typing, we begin to start honing in on the best keywords to use between the two.

You’ll Be Able To Play More Off Your Strengths

One often overlooked element of AI regarding how it can impact your marketing efforts is the ability to let it take care of where you’re weak at. As a small to medium sized business, a lot of times you can’t afford to bring on the extra help, so trying to tackle everything all at once can be difficult. However, with AI, you have the ability to pick and choose a platform to handle them with ease. For example, the startup Persado recently gained a lot of notoriety for their AI copywriting software, which raised $30 million from Goldman Sachs.

You’ll Get A Better Return on Your PPC

While still early to market, AI is making a significant impact on Paid-Per-Click. As media buying has always been a field that holds inefficiencies in terms of making the best estimate on what to buy and for how much, AI is looking to help define that much better. For example, startups like Albert, which according to Crunchbase just raised $6.9 million, is looking to make media buying autonomous.

You’re Able To Reach Customers In Real Time

Perhaps one of the most surprising developments in AI is how quickly it’s been able to deliver on goods in real time. As CBInsights notes, one category that’s been on the rise has been Real Time Pricing And Incentives, which offer deals to customers that are second guessing their decision. Innovations like this are practically unprecedented, as they’re able to find the best value for the customer versus how much money your business could still make. And as something that can help you get rid of inventory that’s either been sitting around or bought at a lower rate, your company could see some serious earnings investing in one of these platforms.


With so many different AI strategies to implement in your marketing scheme, which one are you most excited about trying out? Comment with your answers below.

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