B2B Lead Generation Guide – What Are the Four L’s?

Olin Hyde
August 2, 2016

B2B lead generation can completely turn your business around. The tactics may differ depending on the platform. For example, to generate solid leads on Facebook you will use a set of different strategies to those on LinkedIn. But there are similarities between all platforms. One of these constants is the four L’s.

The four L’s represent the different aspects of gathering B2B intelligence. They will ensure that your business concentrates on the people most likely to turn into paying customers.

So what are the four L’s?

Before the L’s – The Power of Content

Content will always make up the bulk of your B2B marketing strategy, with 88% of B2B marketers using it. Marketers have reported that content marketing budgets have increased time and time again. There’s a huge appetite for new and innovative content. Once you master the art of creating great content, you are going to become an authority in your industry. People are going to trust you.

Prioritize content because it’s the driving force for all marketing channels. Without great content you won’t stand out. Businesses that use content tend to generate far more leads every month.

Lead Capture

The majority of your visitors will never return to your site after they have visited. You have one chance to gather information about them. Look for a valid email address. It’s the most powerful tool a marketer can have.

Sadly, most aren’t willing to give you their email address. You have to give something before you ask for something. You have to give someone a valid reason for supplying their email address.

These days people are more selective about the personal information they provide.

Lead Magnets

To move a client from the start of a sales cycle to the end, you need to optimize that process by reducing the number of steps the client has to go through. Most companies tend to get this wrong. It results in first-time visitors disappearing without supplying any information.

Lead magnets will help you to overcome this challenge. These are the tools that give something back to the visitor. They can come in the form of eBooks, white papers, and training videos. What these options all have in common is they are pieces of content. They are there to provide value to visitors.

You shouldn’t see creating lead magnets as a chore. You should see it as a huge chance to educate people about the worth of your business.

Landing Page Conversion

Landing pages are an asset for any B2B firm. These are the first things people see when they visit your website. If your landing page isn’t optimized for conversions, it will be difficult to gain customers.

Creating a successful landing page and making your company stand out is all about great testing. Without testing you are going to struggle to figure out what works and what doesn’t. This should be an ongoing process so you know your landing page is optimized.

But bear in mind there’s a difference between a lead generation page and a click-through landing page. A lead generation landing page captures information through providing something of value. It’s not about sending someone to a specific product or service.

Later on you will upsell your leads using their email address, which may send them to a click-through landing page. Then they will have the opportunity to make a purchase.

Lead Scoring

How are you going to make sure your leads are valid?

You have to score them. It’s a huge part of the marketing automation revolution. By monitoring the right metrics, you can figure out which leads are worth pursuing. You add points for actions the visitors perform, or information they give away. You then take away points based on what they don’t do, or a negative action they perform.

There’s a unique lead scoring approach to every business, so it’s something you have to test based on the needs of your business.

What’s shocking is so many B2B marketers have yet to establish any form of lead scoring system. They have no way of differentiating one lead from another. A lead scoring system will save you both time and effort because you’ll be able to switch your focus based on this score.


There are many lead generation ideas, but the four L’s should be constant to every B2B business. What do you think is the most important L and why?

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