B2B Marketers You Don’t Need to Be On Every Digital Channel

Olin Hyde
March 29, 2016

B2B marketing requires you to use social media in order to really get the most from your social media marketing efforts. But despite average B2B marketing budgets rising by 5% you don’t need to be on every digital channel. In fact, inserting yourself into every single digital channel can have a negative effect.

You are going to learn about some of the reasons why it’s always better to choose your digital channels wisely in the B2B arena when getting started with social media.

Your Audience isn’t on Every Channel

The only reason why businesses believe they have to be on every channel is because they are trying to target as many different businesses as they possibly can. But stop and think about it for a moment. Businesses are only going to have a presence on the channels where their target audience’s area.

You won’t find your target audience on every channel, so it makes little sense to waste your time and resources on them. Think about the businesses you are targeting and then think about the customers they are targeting. Use the same parameters and you’ll find the right digital channels to be on.

Every Channel has B2B Potential but Not B2C Potential

Advancing on the original point made in the previous section, every social media channel has the potential for B2B action. You are always going to find businesses on them. But that doesn’t mean every channel is setup for B2C selling. For example, B2C selling is near impossible on LinkedIn, whereas it’s a viable B2B sales platform.

You have to examine whether a platform has the potential for B2B potential and B2C potential in most cases. The exception is LinkedIn, but for every other platform if there’s no B2C action the chances are you are not going to find active business accounts here.

And even if there are plenty of businesses selling to customers on say Pinterest the type of businesses here may not be relevant to you.

The Resource Question

Unless you happen to be Microsoft or Walmart, the chances are you don’t have an unlimited amount of resources. You need to focus your limited resources in the right places. A big mistake many smaller companies make is they try to stretch their resources as thinly as possible.

This approach is incorrect because there are only so many hours in a day and so much manpower on your marketing team. It’s better to concentrate this power onto the digital channels you know work best than to attempt to explore lots of different marketing channels.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be constantly trying new things. You can use a system, such as 50/30/20. This is where:

  • 50% of your activity is spent on prospects and activities you know are going to pay off each and every time. These are your core activities.
  • 30% of your time is spent on pushing the boundaries and exploring new prospects. This is where you are looking to add new leads to your list on social media networks you are sure will pay dividends.
  • 20% of your time is spent on experimental techniques. You will try out new strategies on new networks with no idea as to whether they will succeed or not.

You can change the proportions of your time based on your current needs and budget. Some businesses prefer to decrease the amount of time they spent on experimenting, for example. It depends on so many factors and only you can make the final decision.

Do Your Research

You need to research into whether each social media channel is right for you. You should make an account and reach for your target audience. See what they are saying and see what they are doing on the network. Get an idea for the most common demographics and the most common trends.

In some scenarios, you may even have the social media network giving you information about their user base without you having to do a thing, such as in the case of Pinterest and Instagram. This data is incredibly useful because it gives you a snapshot of the digital channel’s target audience, and whether it’s likely to attract your B2B targets.

Last Word – The Myth Busted

The main message you should take from this guide is that it’s always best to use a small number of digital channels. You may decide to choose as little as two or three. By performing at your best on a small number of channels, you will boost your bottom line and afford yourself more resources to experiment using other digital channels later.

How will you use your B2B marketing team to benefit your business today?


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