Best in B2B Growth – Week of 1.16.2017

Olin Hyde
January 16, 2017

Happy New Year! We at LeadCrunch hope our articles will help make 2017 your most sucessful year yet. In this week’s issue of LeadCrunch’s Best in B2B Growth, we bring you a diverse set of articles about successful PPC campaigns, content marketing myths, and optimizing lifetime value. Craving a great webinar? This article also features the webinar “How To Use Technology To Double Sales and Forge Stronger Customer Relationships” with Dave Koslow, Co-Founder of DocSend

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Curated content – summary


Rewatch one of our best webinars…

Dave Koslow

“How To Use Technology To Double Sales and Forge Stronger Customer Relationships”

Dave Koslow Co-Founder of DocSend

Curated content – detailed


5 B2B Marketing Tips to Jump-Start Your 2017 Results by Jessica Cameron via Search Engine Land


 It’s no small feat to be a successful B2B digital marketer in today’s complex, ever-changing environment. In this article, I offer several proven recommendations related to the domination of search engine results pages (SERPs), testing, attribution and ROI.

Utilize these tips to jump-start your search results in the new year and start 2017 with a bang.



4 B2B Marketing Tips for Running Successful PPC Campaigns by Divya Dutt via Marketo

tips for successful PPC campaigns

PPC campaigns for B2B and other considered purchases typically have longer sales cycles, so marketers may not be able to prove ROI right away. Of course, we can tell how many conversions one campaign is bringing in over the others, but conversions don’t always result in sales. Over the next few months in my new role, I quickly learned how to leverage marketing automation and CRM systems to measure key indicators—from lead conversions all the way to sales data—to come up with baseline numbers and let the back-end data (opportunity and pipeline) help me drive my budget and optimization decisions. In this blog, I’ll share these insights with you so you can ramp up your PPC campaigns.


A Simple, 4-Step Blueprint for Building Rapport in B2B Sales by Danny Wong via Entrepreneur

A Simple, 4-Step Blueprint for Building Rapport in B2B Sales


All salespeople have heard the term “build rapport” more times than they can count, and for good reason: Rapport is a critical element of any sale. But if your competitors are already doing it, and well, you have to do it better to outsmart those competitors and win over those clients.

How do you build rapport? Consider your closest friends. When you first met, what drew you to them? Were they outgoing, sincere? Quick to help? Honest? Did they show respect for your time and values?

Alternately, consider people you’ve met who seemed off-putting. Which aspects of their character or personality irritated you? Perhaps they talked too much, were self-centered, inappropriate or unfriendly.


Get Back to Reality: 9 Content Marketing Expectations Busted by Neil Patel via Content Marketing Institute



As the popularity of content marketing grows, marketers and business owners are churning out ideas about what everyone should be doing.

Despite a wealth of data about B2B and B2C content marketing, some unrealistic expectations are still being set.

And the realities are, unfortunately, quite different.


How to Optimize B2B Customer Lifetime Value by AJ Agrawal via LeadCrunch


 Customer lifetime value (CLV)—the total a customer spends on your brand in his or her lifetime—is among the most important metrics for B2B success. It’s also a metric that doesn’t get much play among B2B companies.

In our current business climate, which makes celebrities of start ups, growth is emphasized above all else. So CLV often gets pushed down a company’s list of priorities. It also results in customers feeling underappreciated and undervalued, and the loss of what should be easy and ongoing revenue.

The goal of a powerful CLV strategy is to not only retain customers, but also inspire them to increase spending over time. With returning customers spending 67% more than new customers, generating customer loyalty is an effort your B2B can’t afford to overlook.

Here are our six strategies for optimizing customer lifetime value:



Enjoy your week and have a fantastic New Year!

The LeadCrunch Team :: High precision B2B leads using artificial intelligence
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