Best in B2B Growth – Week of 2.29.2016

Olin Hyde
February 29, 2016

In this week’s issue of LeadCrunch’s Best in B2B Growth, we bring you a diverse set of articles about the importance of Facebook marketing in B2B, email marketing tips, and keys to strong mobile marketing. Also read about SEO for content marketing and how to apply it to your business. If you read none of this, at least check out the hilarious marketing funnel cartoon below from Marketoonist! 

Enjoy your week!

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Curated content – summary

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Curated content – detailed

Why Facebook Is Essential to Your B2B Marketing, by Gene Hammett, Entrepreneur


Business-to-business (B2B) marketing on Facebook is not new, yet the usage is getting more common among businesses. Facebook is quickly becoming the most powerful platform in social media because of the sheer numbers of users, the engagement levels (when done right) and the targeting possible for paid placements. read more

A Few Simple Keys To B2B Email Marketing Success, by Vera M. Reeves, H2O Harvard Law


Marketing is an essential component of business, but very few companies take advantage of the tools available to them. One of the smartest ways you can market any business which sells to other businesses today is through email. This article is filled with several great tips to help you successfully utilize marketing via email. Target your chosen audience – When you have a substantial number of readers, brainstorm ways to have them sign up friends. Always make sure there is “subscribe” link in the emails you send so that those who receive forwarded copies can easily sign themselves up if they are interested. Your subscription list will automatically grow as more people who are interested in your business sign up. read more

Best Practices for B2B Email Marketing for your Perusal, by Nepad Business Foundation

B2B or Business-to-Business email marketing has been an extremely effective marketing practice. However, similar to any other online marketing strategy, comprehensive understanding about the best practices in the industry would actually separate your latest campaign from all the others. Finding the Right Contact Person – Ensure to research about the companies you would be contacting. You should figure out who the decision maker is in every case. This would make sure that the right person has been reading your email rather that someone who is not in a position to make any decisions. 
read more

6 Keys To A Strong Mobile B2B Marketing Strategy, by Dave Orecchio, Business to Community


The volume of mobile Internet searches now exceeds searches on desktop computers. Additionally, statistics on engagement suggest that mobile communication offers far and away the highest response rates available in the digital marketing arena. Therefore, a strong mobile strategy is necessary for optimized performance in the current B2B environment. Here are six keys to success as you build your mobile marketing strategy – Know Your Audience’s Behaviors – One of the most important things to realize in considering your mobile strategy is that B2B buyers increasingly use mobile in the purchasing process. In a recent study, just under half of all B2B buyers surveyed indicated they had used a mobile device at some point before a purchase. read more

Lee Odden Educates B2B Marketers on SEO for Content Marketing, by Knute Sands, Top Rank Marketing


As content marketing professionals, most of us would consider SEO a highly technical domain. Best leave that to the real nerds, right? Wrong. Google, Bing and all the other search engines have significantly altered their algorithms in the past few years. And these changes continue to favor the highest quality content, often rewarding smart content marketers with first position rankings. With a bit of SEO sweet sauce, your content marketing sandwich will taste much better to search engines, and users too. Below, I will explore 4 major themes from TopRank Marketing CEO, Lee Odden’s recent Content2Conversion talk on SEO for Content Marketers, including: The State of SEO in 2016, Understanding Self-Directed Buyer Behavior, How to, “Be The Best Answer”, How to Create Smarter Integrated SEO Content for The Web. read more

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