Best in B2B Growth – Week of 3.14.2016

Olin Hyde
March 14, 2016

In this week’s issue of LeadCrunch’s Best in B2B Growth, we bring you a diverse set of articles about B2B Account Based Marketing, competitive intelligence, top challenges, and how to improve lead conversion. Also read about top sales trends for 2016! 


Enjoy your week!

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5 Steps to Build an Impressive B2B Account-Based Marketing Framework, by Alexis Getscher via Business 2 Community


As account-based marketing continues to gain traction, more and more B2B marketers are looking to create the perfect campaign. Although what constitutes “perfect” will be different for each company, there are general guidelines that one can follow to develop a reliable account-based marketing framework. To start, ABM will never work without strong Sales and Marketing alignment. The teams need to work in unison to determine the target customers, how to market to them, how to follow up and what metrics determine a successful campaign. In a recent webinar with Leadspace, Jon Miller, the co-founder of Marketo and Engagio, stated that Marketing talks about people while Sales talks about accounts. ABM is about bridging that gap and aligning Marketing and Sales under the same language and goals. There’s a “Big 5” that Miller says are the core metrics of a workable ABM framework: coverage, awareness, reach, engagement, and impact. [read more]

3 Unexpected Sources for Competitive Market Analysis to Boost B2B Marketing, by Natalie Nathanson via Linkedin

Market intelligence and analysis is critical for the B2B marketing strategies of large and small companies alike. While many companies feel constrained by lack of budget to invest in competitive market analysis, in this post we share a number of creative approaches that can yield valuable insights into your target market and competitive landscape. For many, competitive market analysis conjures up scenarios of costly analyst reports and arduous market research initiatives. While these sources are valuable, they aren’t always financially feasible, thus often scaring off the smaller end of the B2B SMB market from making any investment in market intelligence. But when we work with clients of our B2B marketing agency, we find creative ways to glean this type of insight and to weave it into the fibers of our daily marketing activity to maximize impact without overinvesting our time or marketing budgets. Market intelligence serves different purposes at various stages of a company’s lifecycle: 
[read more]

The Top Challenges Facing B2B Marketersby Ayaz Nanji via Marketing Profs


B2B marketers say increasing brand awareness and dealing with budget constraints are the top challenges they face, according to a report from B2B International. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in 2015 of 181 marketers for B2B companies around the world. Respondents were asked to list the top challenges their organization faces without any options or prompts by the researchers. Some 13% of respondents say increasing brand awareness is a top marketing challenge, and the same percentage list budget constraints. Other major challenges cited include doing a better job with digital marketing (10%), launching new products (7%), and limited staff (6%). [read more]

Why B2B Marketers Still Struggle to Convert Leads, by Shayla Price via Kissmetrics


The 2015 B2B Lead Generation Report found that “generating high quality leads is still the top issue for 59 percent of marketers.” Identifying qualified prospects is an ongoing responsibility for companies. And it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Most B2B purchases involve large sums of money, multiple decision makers and several months. Because the stakes are so high for your customers, it’s important to build trustworthy relationships and to create a streamlined sales process. The B2B industry also has an undesirable reputation of not embracing innovation. So, as marketers, it’s time to change that perspective. Stop struggling to convert leads. Instead, explore more opportunities for your SaaS company. Start here. [read more]


5 B2B Sales Trends to Watch in 2016 [Infographic], by Mike Renahan via Hubspot


A tricky thing about working in sales is spotting and staying ahead of trends. Too often, once you think you’re up-to-date on best practices, the rug gets pulled out from under your feet and it’s back to square one. This situation raises the question: What trends are on the horizon that reps should be aware of? For example, have you noticed salespeople have begun to rely more heavily on data? Data is changing how companies approach their overall strategy. Best-in-class sales organizations are 33% more likely to deploy sales analytics solutions for more accurate and actionable sales forecasts. The infographic below from Sales For Life highlights five emerging trends for B2B salespeople and their marketing counterparts to watch in 2016. In case you’re behind, here’s an opportunity to catch up. [read more]


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