Best in B2B Growth – Week of 4.11.2016

Olin Hyde
April 11, 2016

In this week’s issue of LeadCrunch’s Best in B2B Growth, we bring you a diverse set of articles about B2B tech marketing, mapping keyword strategy to buyer intent, producing more shareable content, and using Twitter to generate more leads. This week’s issue also gives you insight into this year’s B2B Content2Conversion Conference, so be sure to check that out!


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Curated content – summary

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Curated content – detailed

10 Things Every B2B Tech Marketer Needs to Know, by Valerie Levin via HubSpot


For B2B tech marketers, it’s crucial to understand the real value of the technology you’re promoting – whether it’s a simple consumer product or a complicated enterprise service.

The real trick of technology marketing is learning a subject (one which may be completely foreign to you) quickly and efficiently. When that subject is a complex technology tool or service, you might feel lost trying to comprehend everything there is to know.

While I can’t give you a crash course in your client’s work—only they can do that successfully—I can offer 10 tips for every B2B tech marketer to help them optimize their approach. [more]


How to Map Keyword Strategy to B2B Buyer Intent, by Derek Edmond via Search Engine Land


Keyword research can be overwhelming for clients. In its most basic form, keyword research will almost always consist of a spreadsheet of hundreds, if not thousands of words and phrases, or “key phrases.”

In an effort to make this type of deliverable more “digestible” for clients, KoMarketing (my employer) will often organize these key phrases around core themes, like solution sets or product categories.

From there, we try to prioritize keyword recommendations based on available metrics such as monthly search estimates and applicability to the client.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for any of the following to happen with the keyword research:

  • Client gets overwhelmed with the volume of information at hand.
  • In an ongoing program, we lose sight of the deliverable as a reference point for ongoing tactical recommendations.
  • The deliverable becomes obsolete or gets ignored over time.

We’ve revamped keyword research deliverables in numerous ways. While we’ve certainly made strides, there is always an opportunity to improve. [more]

What You Missed at This Year’s B2B Content2Conversion Conference, by John Hall via Inc.


In an industry like marketing, which is reshaped by new trends and strategies every year, conferences are especially helpful for learning from experts to prepare your team and stay ahead.

So it made perfect sense for my content marketing agency, Influence &. Co., to send a few team members to the annual B2B Content2Conversion Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, last month. My team said it was exceptionally valuable for anyone in marketing or sales. More than 600 professionals in marketing, sales, and tech–and any combination of the three–traveled from around the world to learn about industry trends and tactics in content marketing.

Participants chose sessions from two tracks: content strategy and demand generation. The content strategy track offered sessions that explored the power of public relations, how it converges with both content and search engine optimization, the practice of “newsjacking,” and marketing in real time with industry news and events.

The demand generation track focused on harnessing data to maximize marketing efforts, generate greater demand, and better align sales and marketing teams to drive revenue.

While these tracks were separate, there’s a bit of overlap, largely because technology has such a strong impact on the success of both content strategy and demand generation. [more]

How to Make Your Content More Shareable: An Analysis of 175k Blog Posts From B2B & B2C Companies, by Ellen Bartolino via HubSpot


Ever find yourself struggling with writer’s block? Honestly, who hasn’t? You spend precious time worrying about headlines, topics, and what length might appeal to you audience. You stress over engagement, lead generation, and social promotion. It’s frustrating.

Good news: We’ve got something to help you out. HubSpot Research and BuzzSumo dug deep into 175,000 B2B and B2C blog posts to give you guidelines on optimizing your own content for the maximum amount of shares per social network. They looked into the differences in social shares, content length, and performance on social networks between B2B and B2C posts and broke down the data in our latest report: B2B vs. B2C Content Lessons.


Why You Should Consider Using Twitter For B2B Leads, by AJ Agrawal via Leadcrunch


Twitter is a platform that’s seemingly just for celebrities and people with way too much time on their hands. Businesses have long shunned Twitter as a viable platform, and that means they are leaving money on the table. If you are looking for a way to increase the number of B2B leads you have, this is a social media network you may want to take a second look at.

All Businesses are on Twitter

You have to go where your target audience is. Look up any social media guide and people will tell you that the big two social media networks you absolutely have to be on are Facebook and Twitter. It has the second biggest reach and therefore you can potentially target businesses you had no way of targeting previously.

So why do B2B firms typically shun Twitter?

To put it simply, conversion rates are low. There’s no getting around the fact that you are never going to get conversion rates comparable to other social media platforms like LinkedIn. [more]

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The LeadCrunch Team :: High precision B2B leads using artificial intelligence
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