Best in B2B Growth – Week of 5.9.2016

Olin Hyde
May 9, 2016

In this week’s issue of LeadCrunch’s Best in B2B Growth, we bring you a diverse set of articles about mobile marketing’s influence in B2B lead gen, boosting B2B content shares, and the importance of trust. This week’s issue also features the top 30 most influential women in B2B Marketing Technology so be sure to check it out. Finally, don’t miss the singular webinar with Hubspot’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Roberge!


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Curated content – summary

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The Sales Acceleration Formula, Using Data, Technology and Inbound Selling to go from $0 to $100 million with

Mark Roberge, Chief Revenue Officer of Hubspot

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Mark Roberge, Chief Revenue Officer of HubSpot, author of “The Sales Acceleration Formula,” Senior Lecturer in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard Business School, and #19 in Forbes’ Top 30 Social Sellers in the World. 


Sanjit Singh, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of LeadCrunch


Curated content – detailed

Top 30 Most Influential Women in B2B Marketing Technology #MarTech, by Brian Hansford via Heinz Marketing


Social media platforms, such as Twitter, are excellent tools for engaging with Marketing Technology leaders and like-minded colleagues to share ideas, and gain valuable industry insights and connections.

Last year we complied a list of 2015’s most influential marketing technology professionals, you can find it here, this year we wanted to feature the leading women whom have stood out as the most influential in the MarTech community.

Out of the Top 150 MarTech influencers, 32.67% are women. Clearly, there is room for more women to lead the way in MarTech as the industry continues to evolve and expand.

We have identified the Top 30 Influential Women in MarTech based on our research using LittleBird‘s topic and hashtag search, providing us with the insider scores for determining rank results. You may recognize some familiar names, but as the MarTech landscape is ever increasing there are some new leaders to follow too.




How Mobile Marketing Is Changing the World of B2B Lead Generation, by Sophorn Chhay via Business2Community


In many ways, smartphone access is responsible for B2B marketing’s growth. Lead generation has been boosted by mobile’s astounding data connection, and multiple industries are taking charge with innovative marketing approaches.

Today, mobile marketing plans are used to manage emergency notifications, handle promotions, streamline assignments, and enhance B2B effectiveness with real-time events. Buying signals, firmographics, demographics, and contact information are being used to increase business outreach depth, and they’re succeeding quite a bit. Below, we examine B2B lead generation from the mobile angle. Don’t worry: It’s an angle your business can get in on, too.


10 Ways to Boost Your B2B Content Shares, by Steve Rayson via Buzzsumo


How shareable is your B2B content?  Our friends at Uberflip set us the challenge of analyzing 100 of the most popular B2B Marketing and Technology sites and blogs (listed at the end of this post) to identify the content that works.

We analysed all of the articles these 100 sites published in the last year (over 100,000 posts) to discover the secrets of the content that gets shared. This post sets out our findings and 10 ways to increase the shares of your B2B content.


How Business Leaders View Digital Marketing, by Ayaz Nanji via MarketingProfs


More than three-quarters (78%) of business leaders say their company’s digital marketing efforts are somewhat or very successful, according to a recent report from Act-On Software and Ascend2.

The report was based on data from a survey of 73 owners, partners, and C-level executives at companies in the United States (68% B2B-focused, 15% B2C, 16% mixed).

Some 56% of respondents say their company’s digital marketing efforts are somewhat successful, 22% say they are very successful, and 22% say they are not successful.


3 Ways Your Startup Can Generate B2B Leads By Acquiring Trust, by AJ Agrawal via Leadcrunch


Trust is everything in the B2B world. Businesses are naturally weary when they are being sold to because they know their industries and they are never going to invest in something that they have bought on impulse. Generating B2B leads is more about gathering intelligence and building trust than it is about traditional selling.

This article is going to focus on how to acquire trust so your startup can begin to develop its first leads without breaking the bank.

Share Real Success Stories

Social proof is the number one tool in the art of persuasion for B2B sellers. No business wants to become a guinea pig for a product or service. They are naturally conservative and want to use something that’s tried and tested. You should concentrate on creating media packs that demonstrate how well your product has worked for others. It’s a type ofcontent marketing people don’t consider.


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The LeadCrunch Team :: High precision B2B leads using artificial intelligence
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