Best in B2B Growth – Week of 6.27.2016

Olin Hyde
February 27, 2016

In this week’s issue of LeadCrunch’s Best in B2B Growth, we bring you a set of articles about ways to get started in b2b content marketing, how to use AdWords, new Salesforce features, and creating buyer personas for b2b inbound marketing. This article also shows you how to get 100 free leads, so be sure to check it out!


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5 Ways to Get Started in B2B Content Marketing, by Jeffrey L. Cohen via Social Media B2B


I was recently talking to the marketing team at a B2B enterprise company about content marketing. With all the conversation about content marketing over the past few years, it is hard to imagine there are those who are still not incorporating content marketing into their marketing efforts, and who still don’t know how to get started. This B2B technology firm has multiple divisions selling multiple products around the world.

After I described some of the basic elements and best practices of content marketing, especially at the top of the funnel, and specifically how we approach it, they put me on the spot a bit. They asked me if I were consulting for them, what are the five things that I would tell them to do to get started in content marketing. Assuming that they are not the only B2B company still struggling to fully understand content marketing, I will share what I told them.



Fishing for B2B Success: How to Use AdWords to “Land a Big One,” by Jacob Baadsgaard via Search Engine Land


I love to fish. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed many excellent fights and satisfying catches, but I’ve also spent days staring at my line without so much as a nibble in reward.

On those days, it can be pretty tempting to give up and assume, “There are no fish in this river!” Of course, it’s harder to make that accusation stick when the guy 100 yards downstream seems to have fish after fish on the line.

As much as I hate to admit it, the problem usually isn’t the fish — I’m usually fishing the wrong way.

My experience with AdWords campaigns has been very similar. B2B companies I work with often insist that “there’s no money in AdWords.” I can’t really blame them for feeling this way. I mean, I recently audited a B2B company that had spent $150,000 on AdWords without a single sale to show for it.

But the question is this: Is the problem AdWords, or are you simply using it the wrong way?

If your experience with AdWords has been similarly unsatisfying, it may surprise you to hear that most of my B2B clients get the majority of their leads and sales from AdWords. To put it simply, there’s money in AdWords… if you know how to catch it.

As a veteran B2B angler, here are a few tips you can use to “land a big one” (and keep landing big ones) for your company with AdWords.


Salesforce Announces General Availability of Pardot Engagement Studio – B2B Marketing Automation Reimagined, by Shannon Duffy via Salesforce


Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of Pardot Engagement Studio, enabling B2B marketers with an entirely new way to build, visualize, test and measure 1-to-1 buyer journeys on one canvas.

Modern B2B buyers expect seamless experiences across sales and marketing when they engage with a company. Unfortunately, many companies struggle with this because sales and marketing teams manage customers using different technology solutions, leading to information silos and lackluster results. In order to deliver on customer expectations, marketers today need a solution that is powerful enough to deliver unified experiences, yet simple enough for both their team and sales to use. With the new Engagement Studio, creating a B2B buyer journey is as easy as building a Spotify playlist.

Engagement Studio is a B2B marketing team’s command center — a place to manage all touchpoints with prospects and customers. Now, companies can do everything from lead generation to nurturing to reporting on marketing ROI in one place, and on one central canvas. Engagement Studio is Salesforce’s latest step in our journey to help customers align their sales and marketing teams to sell smarter together.


Beginner’s Guide to Creating Fleshed Out Buyer Personas for B2B Inbound Marketing, by Carly Schoonhoven via Marketing Profs


Sarah wakes up at precisely 6:43 AM. She proceeds to hit the snooze button until 7:03, when she rolls over and beings scrolling through a news app on her iPhone 6.

By 7:15 she’s in the shower singing that Adele song she can’t seem to get out of her head.

At some point between 7:15 AM and the end of the day, she buys your product.

Whether Sarah sang Adele or Taylor Swift in the shower that morning probably didn’t have any bearing on her decision to make a purchase from you that day.

So what did?


5 B2B Lead Generation Tips for Building High Converting Landing Pages, by AJ Agrawal via LeadCrunch


Your landing page is the main vehicle for persuading B2B buyers to choose you. Yet there are so many landing pages that are simply ineffective, and the conversion rates tend to prove it. This has nothing to do with your digital marketing strategy this has everything to do with the final step.

This guide is going to show you some great B2B lead generation tips for building high converting landing pages.

Keep Your Forms

The vast majority of landing page forms ask for far more information than is really necessary. Customers are warier of giving up their personal information than ever before. They don’t want to give away their personal information unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Don’t play on the fears of your customers by asking for anything more than basic information. Evaluate what your forms are asking for and what you actually need. Yes, it would be nice to know everything about your prospect, but this doesn’t mean that it’s a viable strategy.

You should really be asking for no more than a first name and an email. Even asking for someone’s last name is too much these days.


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The LeadCrunch Team :: High precision B2B leads using artificial intelligence
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