Best in B2B Growth – Week of 8.01.2016

Olin Hyde
August 1, 2016

In this week’s issue of LeadCrunch’s Best in B2B Growth, we bring you a diverse set of articles about finding the right marketing automation platform, content marketing trends in 2016, measuring and improving B2B customer loyalty, and the importance of social media engagement. This week’s issue also features an awesome webinar about The Best Ways to Grow B2B in 2016-2017 feat Sujan Patel, digital legend and Co-Founder, Web Profits!


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Curated content – summary

The Best Ways to Grow B2B in 2016-2017
Sujan Patel, digital legend and Co-Founder, Web Profits
[live webinar]


Curated content – detailed

How to Find a Marketing Automation Platform That Grows With You, by Patrick Groover via Marketo


Let’s face it, resources are limited and money doesn’t grow on trees. Some of the biggest challenges that marketers face are the cost of programs and the infrastructure needed to support multi-channel communication in this digital age.

Throughout my career, including my current role as a Solutions Consultant, I’ve seen how many business decisions sacrifice long-term functionality for a short-term gain in cost savings. Many marketers out there are making similar decisions, in which features and functionality are ultimately weighed against platform cost.

As part of a ‘wait and see’ or ‘grow into it’ mentality, the total cost of ownership for a less sophisticated marketing automation platform can hide below the surface. In this blog, I’ll walk you through nine short-term and long-term considerations that you should incorporate into your marketing automation evaluation to find a solution that grows with you:



Top 5 Content Marketing Trends of 2016 So Far, by Michael Brenner via Marketing Insider Group


Can you believe we’re more than half way through 2016 already? It feels like just yesterday when we were making our 2016 content marketing predictions last year.

In 2015, 88% of marketers said content marketing was core to their overall marketing strategy. Their top five priorities included creating more engaging content, developing a better understanding of their audience and what content is effective (and isn’t) for them, finding more and better ways to repurpose content, creating visual content and becoming better storytellers.

According to Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 76% of marketers surveyed said they had planned to produce more content in 2016, in order to drive more brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, lead nurturing and sales – the top five content marketing goals marketers said were most important to their organizations.

So what are marketers doing in 2016 to achieve these goals? This Business 2 Community post looks at five of the top content marketing trends we have seen so far this year:



How to Measure and Improve B2B Customer Loyalty, by Bob Murphy via MarketingProfs


Loyal customers can account for up to 84% of total site visits and spend 10 times more with your business than new ones. What’s more, acquiring new customers can costup to five times more than generating new business from someone with whom you’ve already worked.

With those statistics in mind, are you doing enough to both inspire loyalty among your customers and harness that loyalty?

By ensuring that your marketing encourages repeat business, brand loyalty, and customer referrals, you’re giving your business the kind of boost that can’t come from any other source. But how do you go about instilling true loyalty in your customer base and empowering your loyal customers to do more for your brand?

This article explores how to measure and increase customer loyalty. You’ll learn how to inspire customers to interact more meaningfully with your brand and help you gain new leads.


Finally, the Truth About Social Media and Customer Engagement, by Mark Schaefer via Linkedin


When I started on Twitter in 2008, it was THE cool place to connect, share ideas, and meet new people. I would hang out there in the evenings and have amazing conversations with new friends from all around the globe.

And then, it got crowded.

My precious little band of followers ballooned to hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands.

Brands caught on, flooding the Twittersphere with their own weird idea of customer engagement.

The amount of content on Twitter literally exploded. It was nearly impossible to keep up with anything.


5 Reasons Social Media Leads are Important to Explore for B2B Leads, by AJ Agrawal via LeadCrunch


As a B2B company, it’s easy to look at social media leads and roll your eyes. It’s true that predictive analytics reveal social media leads are less likely to convert. In fact, 91% will never respond to cold calls in this manner.

You may believe they are not worth your time because of these statistics. But B2B firms are actually missing out on a lot of money by ignoring the value of leads generated from social media.

In this guide, you are going to learn about the reasons why you should explore social media leads.

Businesses are on Social Media Too

It’s easy to think social media is the preserve of people who are just passing the time. It’s simple to think these people have nothing to offer or that they might not be seeking new business services.

But studies show that people spend a huge portion of their day on social media. This takes place as much in the office as it does at home.


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The LeadCrunch Team :: High precision B2B leads using artificial intelligence
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