Best in B2B Growth – Week of 9.26.2016

Olin Hyde
September 26, 2016

In this week’s issue of LeadCrunch’s Best in B2B Growth, we bring you a diverse set of articles about moving from monologues to dialogues with customers, new revelations in the content marketing world, and marketing to millenials.

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5 Ways Boring B2B Brands Can Kill It With Content by Lux Narayan via Convince and Convert

5 Ways Boring B2B Brands Can Kill It With Content

As a writer, I aspire to get as much engagement on my social media content as Nike does.

However, the engagement that B2B brands receive on social media is rarely in the same range as B2C brands. While Nike might be too unrealistic a goal to work towards, there are quite a few B2B brands that are doing extremely well on social media. According to this reportby Forrester, B2B brands are investing more than ever before on social media marketing.



Legos, Lightsabers, and ROI: 3 Big Takeaways From Content Marketing World by Ellen Gomes via Marketo

Legos, Lightsabers, and ROI- 3 Big Takeaways from Content Marketing World


While the beginning of September marks the end of summer (womp, womp), it also means that Content Marketing World (CMW) is upon us. Every year, this amazing gathering of content’s top minds offers a ton of learnings and conversations, and orange everything. For three days, content marketers from around the world take Cleveland by storm. This year was no different.

Content Marketing World featured awesome keynote speakers, including Lars Silberbauer, Global Senior Director of Social Media and Video at LEGO, and even Mark Hamil (otherwise known as as Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars franchise), and an agenda chock-full of sessions from top influencers around the world, including: Joe Pulizzi (of course), Ann Handley (amazing keynote), Mitch Joel (another amazing keynote), Jay Baer, Rand Fishkin (covered in more detail below), Matt Heinz, Lee Odden, Doug Kessler, Jay Acuzno, Michael Brenner, and more. Like I said, the line-up was no joke. In fact, there was so much great content that I honestly could not see it all or cover it all. I did, however, make it to a handful of awesome sessions and keynotes where I saw a few key themes emerge.


What Makes B2B Content Remarkable for Buyers? by Dan Stelter via Kissmetrics


It’s no secret. Everyone knows the biggest problem B2B content marketing faces today. Well, actually several give B2B marketers fits.

Which one am I talking about?

Making B2B content engage and actually drive more leads. How bleak does the situation look?

Not good. Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report surveyed 3,714 B2B marketers from around the globe. The report defines “effective” as “accomplishing your overall objectives.” CMI asked B2B marketers to rate themselves. Shockingly, just 30% of B2B marketers rate themselves as “effective”. And that was down 21.05% from 38% in 2014.


How to Move from Monologues to Dialogues with Engagement Marketing by Jim Kowalski via Marketo

Business people video conferencing


A few weeks ago, I participated in a great meeting with one of our customers. But it didn’t start out that way.

It started slowly and our content was missing the mark. Fortunately for our team, we were able to “read the room” and discern from our customers’ behaviors and postures which direction we should take the discussion. Based on those cues, we altered the content of our presentation and even the order in which we presented, and we turned what could have been an unsuccessful meeting into a very productive one, with a positive outcome.

Hit Millenials In Their Minds, Not Their Hearts: 6 Tips by AJ Agrawal via LeadCrunch



It’s a big advantage to know the types people you’re selling to in the B2B market place. Knowing who you’re sellling to makes it easier to craft pitches. But you have to be careful not to let stereotypes to get in the way of your marketing efforts.

Take Millennials. They’re often seen as dreamers. Dreamers are are good people that are ultimately optimistic and socially responsible. But millennials don’t have have moregoodness in their hearts than anyone else. So appealing to their goodness is a waste of time.

So how do you reach millennials?


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