Capitalizing on B2B Marketing Trends in 2018

Olin Hyde
April 9, 2018

As we move toward the middle of 2018, you may be looking to capitalize on the B2B marketing trends if you’re a content marketer.


Invest in Infographics. If you’re looking for a graphic design that can boost visitor engagement on your website or blog, you may want to look at infographics. Infographics present information in a way that allows information to be easily accessible and digestible. B2B marketers will want to utilize infographics as a way to create emotional images that resonate with their consumers and induce interest in the product and the site itself.


The trend in 2018 leans toward simplicity, so many infographic designs are leaning toward flat, uncomplicated design work and black-and-white photography consistent with the increasing popularity of minimalism. The purpose of the infographic marketing strategy is to create visuals that are both informational and relatable and to humanize your brand and connect with audiences on a visceral level. Simple infographics are not necessary uninspired; look to build a visual that incorporates key data with rich textures and gradient shades of gray and black.


Stick with Storytelling. Everyone loves a story and storytelling as an art is timeless. Many B2B marketers conceive of their audiences as businesses, rather than being comprised of flesh-and-blood humans. Because B2B consumers have a range of interests, personalities, and behaviors, strong, narrative stories can reach a huge audience. Real-world anecdotes, personal vignettes, and interactive narratives can help you connect with your audience.


To ensure your content has a narrative feel, eliminate all of the industry colloquialisms, keep jargon use to a minimum, and try to limit your use of acronyms. Blog posts and longer content writing should be brief and impactful. Incorporate a conversational tone with a storytelling element that will keep your readers engaged throughout the piece. To succeed in the arena of inbound sales, marketers will need to establish a healthy and robust pipeline of high-quality content that incorporates an SEO framework that is distinctive in its approach. Storytelling is the way to go.


Pick a Platform. In 2018, B2B markets may want to explore their engagement on social media platforms. But given the fact that there are so many from which to choose, businesses will need to pick a platform proven to work. It is important for businesses to gather and utilize data that tells them where their customers are actually exhibiting an online presence and indicate what platforms are working the best. Focusing resources, including time, effort, energy and money toward a single platform is one way to prioritize and improve the possibility that your investments will pay off.


One thing to consider is the fact that, right now, Facebook ads are on fire. Between their very affordable costs and B2B targeting capabilities, it is not difficult to gain and maintain the attention of any audience or demographic, down to the smallest detail. As you think about budgeting for market strategies for the balance of the calendar year, you may want to look at social media trends as a whole.


Market your value by Word-of-Mouth. Despite all of the popularity of social media and automated processes, nothing carries the weight of endorsement like a personal or professional recommendation. Popular people in your business industry, social media, entertainment, and other fields carry and brandish incredible social capital. Their influence extends to the purchasing behavior of fans and followers to such a degree that “influencer” marketing has become a significant and dependable tool.


For B2B companies, influencers that carry the greatest weight will be people like industry innovators, top specialists, subject matter experts, and organizational or industry leaders. Finding ways to assist them in telling your story can be a huge asset in the marketing game.


It goes without saying that many other developments have and will continue to shape the future of B2B marketing. Artificial intelligence continues to spark promise and will definitely lead to less traditional marketing programs for B2B industries in the near future. The use of mobile apps and the fact that every consumer who carries a smartphone will also influence the shifting face of B2B marketing for the balance of 2018 and beyond. A change in consumer behaviors and customer expectations will also play a role in the need for increased personalization strategies like interactive marketing platforms.


Making decisions about what B2B marketing trends are going to be of greatest benefit for your business may not be easy. It is important to gather data and consider the financial implications of each of these marketing strategies for your specific situation.


Are there any marketing strategies you have found particularly useful for your B2B?

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