Content Syndication Campaigns for B2B (The Cheat Sheet)

Aaron Mendes
November 8, 2019

For B2B marketers, content synd campaigns are a popular way to raise brand awareness and connect with new prospects. When it comes to a successful campaign, there are two key factors – the quality of your content, and the accuracy of your targeting. Get those two things right, and you’ll see a great ROI for your efforts. Get them wrong – and it could harm your reputation with viable prospects.

In our newest ebook, Engaged: B2B Content Syndication to Build Relationships and Revenue, we share what we’ve learned from running successful syndication campaigns for some of the world’s biggest companies. From how to create an asset your prospects will value (with info they can’t get anywhere else) to how to zero in on your next best customers and reduce waste in your campaign spend.


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November 7, 2019