2 Years and Counting: Why a Demand Gen Expert Trusts LeadCrunch

May 22, 2019

Why Demand Gen Expert Bryce Roberts Relies on LeadCrunch


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We recently sat down with Bryce Roberts, Senior Manager of Demand Generation at Oracle + Bronto to talk about why he chooses to partner with LeadCrunch for content syndication and lead gen. Since running his first pilot campaign with us over 2 years ago, Bryce now relies on us as one of his ‘bedrock lead gen vendors’.

We’ll be sharing the full video interview soon, but in the meantime, here are a few quotes that we can’t resist sharing.

On running that first pilot campaign:

Sure, I’ll give you guys a shot and do a pilot but don’t screw this up and it’s gotta be great. And it blew my expectations out of the water. It was amazing.

So, first pilot with LeadCrunch, it was very tailored to net new lead acquisition for our database. We were struggling a little bit in that we wanted in-profile companies – again we’re selling to retailers, and it’s real specific. We can’t go out and sell email marketing to any industry across the board, it has to be really specific. And we weren’t getting that great traction with others, and so we gave them the list of current customers, great opportunities, a really ‘best fit’ list of who we would want to go after for our next customers and how we would want to add to the database.

The in-profile rates, the success rates, the opportunity pipeline, closed-won revenue – all great. Even right out of the gate with the pilot.


After 2+ years, what makes you continue to choose LeadCrunch?

The lookalike audiences, they just continue to get better and better.

There’s a multitude of other reasons beyond just the lead delivery – whenever they give me a forecast of how many leads are going to come in for a quarter, they’ve never missed it. Delivery timing is always on point. So I’d rank them number one in content syndication for me, very highly across the whole portfolio, and every single vendor that can deliver like this for me is one less headache that I have as someone who’s running the demand gen function.

Speaking about KPIs with LeadCrunch, right out of the gate, the MQL cost went down 30% and we’re able to get these immediate savings … then down the funnel, as we work the leads more, as we nurture them, brought them forward as sales discovered them, we saw increases in the SQL rate for us.

We saw opportunity pipeline grow and be at least 30% better than the next best vendor in the space and at times way better than the average or some of the underperforming vendors that we have in the space. All the way across the board, the impact just really goes through the full revenue cycle for us.

The beauty of LeadCrunch is that we work really closely together and it just gets better and smarter, and the team learns more about my needs and the needs of my team and how to deliver the qualified leads that we want.

It’s like the success breeds more success and it continues to snowball.


What benefits have you found in using AI for your demand gen campaigns?

It takes a lot of the human decision-making out of the picture and it relies on a lookalike model that can reach the right contacts at the right companies, that are right fit for our business, usually at the right time or it’s up to us to understand the timing or the nurturing of those leads. And we don’t have to have such complex conversations and back and forth because it’s all being done by data that is really undeniable.


And how does Sales feel about LeadCrunch leads?

A vendor like LeadCrunch, the great thing, is that they make it easy for us. We know the scalability will be there, the right fit, we know that when the leads get to Sales, they’re gonna be much more likely to convert and to make them happy and we’re just going to hang our hat on that and be happy about it and worry about the other problems or other categories, channels that are underperforming for us and not have to worry about the performance of LeadCrunch leads because they’re stellar.


What business impact have you seen from partnering with LeadCrunch?

So, how has LeadCrunch boosted my business in the work that we do with them?

It’s driven revenue, it’s driven pipeline, it’s driven leads, it’s driven a higher profile of our ability as marketers within the organization to deliver for Sales. It’s given me a little bit more confidence to go into rooms and talk to Sales because they know that the leads are getting better, they know that the targeting is better, they know the fit is better, they know they have a better shot of hitting their individual quotas and their individual goals and that they’re gonna get paid because of these LeadCrunch leads being better than what we used to do or what the alternative would be.

So, it makes everything easier. It’s not only that the engine does the work for us so we don’t have to spend time going back and forth with a vendor, it’s that as well. It’s also that Sales is happier and we don’t have to go back and forth about why aren’t you working these leads or what’s wrong with them and that’s better. And just, the success, again, breeds more success.

It gets easier as we go, we have more success, that feeds back into the engine, that makes for more successful closed-won deals and everyone’s happy, honestly.

How is LeadCrunch different from other vendors you’ve worked with?

LeadCrunch is significantly different from other content syndication vendors because the whole approach in the engine is to look at what has been successful for you and not go from the outside in – the audience targeting, or what database they have access to, or the buyers that they’ve identified and kind of telling you what you should be doing or what, as a marketer, what kinds of leads you should be giving to Sales, it’s reversed.

It’s taking what you know in the database has been successful, has been good, and it’s feeding it back and understanding what are the common characteristics of those accounts, how is their behavior, how to find more of them, and then to deliver those leads, so it’s the targeting, it’s the ease of delivery of it.

Honestly, it’s the team that’s super professional. It’s a team that supports you all along the way, that meets with you regularly, that helps you out and understands your business truly at its core rather than just trying to sell you a bunch of leads.

The solution is not just, hey we’ll understand what’s driving your business, and hey, we’ll give you more leads, it’s end to end because they know what successful demand gen companies and Sales teams do to turn those leads into revenue. And the LeadCrunch team will walk you through it.

They’ll get on calls with your Sales teams, they’ll train you, they’ll send you collateral, and they will be with you all along the way because they know that just giving you leads that don’t convert is not gonna reflect well on their business. It’s not going to give them revenue, so they want you to be successful.

They are a partner in your success in every sense of the word and they want these leads to close and be good for you.


Excited to learn more about our partnership with Bryce and his team?

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