Don’t Forget: B2B Marketing Can Be Both Funny And Timely

Olin Hyde
February 9, 2017

As B2B marketers scramble to keep up with the changing expectations of their audiences, it’s not unusual for them to focus solely on technology trends.  After all, it can be daunting to feel that omni-channel marketing, artificial intelligence marketing solutions and virtual reality are all suddenly required.

All of these seemingly new demands can distract you from your true role as a marketer: to capture the imagination and attention of those we target, and to relate our product to their lives by giving them a taste of the enjoyment, pride or relief they’ll feel when they purchase.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with technology, know that it’s okay to take a step back and get back to your roots. Rediscovering the type of content creation that originally drew you to marketing as a career will only improve the quality of your content going forward.

The best way to find inspiration? Look to the best campaigns of the past few years, and draw from the entertainment and persuasive language they use as you design your own campaigns. As we embark on a new year, we’ve decided to revisit our favorites. Here are the most entertaining B2B marketing moves from 2015 and 2016:


If a picture says a thousand words, a video is worth an entire novel to your watchers. As this style of content gains favor, especially as more audiences move to mobile, it’s important to remember that a primary requirement for an effective video is that it’s entertaining. – A Video Conference Call In Real Life

This video is a hilarious piece that also hits home with anyone who has struggled with conference calls (probably all of us, to be honest). Whether it’s our computer or someone else on the call, something always seems to go wrong.

The key takeaway? The video makes the viewer feel understood. Instead of bragging about connection speed or other specifics that may or may not be important to the decision maker, it appeals to their very real (and most likely recent) frustration to inspire action.

ABM/in Person

Vonage wanted to convince an office building that their cloud communications system was outdated, so they showed up in person and had drones tell them.

Talk about attention grabbing!  We’re sure every single person in that building was fully aware of Vonage’s offerings by the end of the day!

As an added bonus, they were also able to develop a pretty amazing video spot, and the stunt drew considerable media attention. Though we’re sure it was pricey, we’re willing to gamble that it paid for itself fairly quickly.

Social Media

Citrix, one of the global leaders of data storage and security, is killing the Instagram game. By posting beautiful pictures and company culture, they show a much more startup vibe.

This effort is only improved by their avoidance of hard pitches – the account is much more a celebration of the people that work there, and some playful events that happen in the office.

Last Word—Living Humans

There you have it – no more excuses for boring B2B marketing! Let’s bring the life back into this industry, and remember that we’re still appealing to people. Living, breathing, laughing humans.

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