Employee Spotlight: Meena Mostamandi

Savannah Mudd
July 10, 2020

With a big smile and a kind heart, Meena is known and loved by everyone here at LeadCrunch! That’s why we thought she’d be the perfect candidate for our Employee Spotlight this month.

We asked a bunch of questions, ranging from why she enjoys working at LeadCrunch to her favorite foodie spots. Hopefully, this gives at least a small picture of why Meena is so special to the LeadCrunch team!


What do you do here at LeadCrunch?

I worked as the Office Manager for a little over a year before I transitioned into the Sales Dept. as an Account Manager. As an Office Manager originally I took care of everybody’s needs in the office or was… the right hand to the C-Level when they needed things done. And obviously making sure the office is stocked with supplies. (–Meena always got the best snacks!–) 

I finally transitioned into sales because a few people told me I would be good as an Account Manager. Now, as an Account Manager, I’m helping Austin and Andrew (two resident Account Directors) with all the Account Management stuff such as prospecting, putting in quotes, all that good stuff.”


What is your favorite part of working for LeadCrunch?

Everybody we work with — I’m such a people person so when I started as Office Manager, it has a lot to do with touching every department and every person… I just love the energy that everybody brings and the dynamic that every team has.

I also love how helpful everyone is, especially during my transition [from Office Manager to Account Manager]… I just really like the openness of everyone. 


Describe LeadCrunch in one word/phrase. 



What makes LeadCrunch different from other companies? 

I’d have to say it’s also the people because at my previous company… the crowd was very different. While the culture was still very strong, it was very slow-paced and just the whole vibe was different. I don’t think everybody interacted within every department on a regular basis. 

I feel like with LeadCrunch, every department has to [interact]… we’re all kind of interconnected and I just like how everybody at LeadCrunch brings something to the table. 


Favorite restaurant in San Diego?

For fast-food restaurants now, it’s Chik-fil-a and for dine-in… I’d say Tajima Ramen and any sushi place — I love sushi.


Favorite hobby in San Diego?

I would say hiking in new places — I like nature a lot, so I really like exploring. And I like making creative little videos too, so if I’m out there, I’ll make a little video and add a little music. Those are some of my current hobbies.


What’s the most exciting thing about AI?

The most exciting thing is the fact that it is the future. We’re working on something that everyone is really looking forward to. I definitely think right now it still has a lot of work that needs to be done, but AI is going to streamline processes and make everything more efficient, at least that’s the hope. 


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