Engage and Empower: Start by Finding Your Best B2B Leads

Olin Hyde
December 11, 2015


The future of marketing is about inspiring, engaging and motivating customers with deeply personal and relevant messages.


Because 57% of the purchase decision is make BEFORE a customer speaks to a salesperson according to a Corporate Executive Board study of more than 1,400 B2B customers. 

We believe they key to engaging and empowering customers is to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. This means that “spray and pray” advertising won’t work. At best it is a fantastic gamble where it is difficult to measure ROI. At worst, mass advertisting irritates the very people you want to engage.

A Better Way:  Artifical Intelligence to Engage Humans

Artificial intelligence (AI) marketing solutions are transforming the entire sales and marketing process. It is the only way to evaluate the vast amounts of data collected on companies, employees and events. By identifying the signals that indicate demand, AI enables marketers to get to customers very early in the sales process (at the top of the sales funnel).

This is exactly why we built LeadCrunch. It finds high-precision business-to-business sales leads using AI. LeadCrunch takes your best B2B customers then finds leads that look just like them. This empowers you to focus on engaging with customers that want to talk to you and stop wasting time trying to qualify the unqualified.

LeadCrunch deceptively simple to use:

  1. Just upload your best customers,
  2. LeadCrunch automatically looks for patterns, then data mines the entire Internet to find similar customers.
  3. When it is finished, you download leads and call them.
  4. Finally, you tell LeadCrunch which ones were good and which ones were bad.

It get smarter every time you use it. And the cycle starts over. LeadCrunch gives you a steady stream of leads in a simple month-to-month subscription.

AI Makes Salespeople More Effective

Selling is like dancing. Both buyer and sellers need to engage around a single idea:  Whatever is good for the buyer. Buyers know they don’t need salespeople to find out facts, compare products or get pricing information. Now more than ever, the salesperson’s role is about facilitating, not forcing, a decision.

The Hardest Problem for a Salesperson is Knowing Who to Call

LeadCrunch answers this question. Think of it as a recommendation engine.

LeadCrunch is the Pandora for B2B lead generation. Just like Pandora finds new music that you will love, LeadCrunch finds customers that will love you.

Every salesperson knows that being relevant is the key to closing deals. It’s often the salesperson who says the least that sells the most.

LeadCrunch lets you know what B2B prospects to target. This key piece of information allows you to spend more time selling to the right people. This is the essence of sales effectiveness.

The big idea behind LeadCrunch is simple and obvious: The era of mass marketing is coming to an end. Spray and pray advertising is being replaced with personalization. Google Customer Match and Facebook Lookalike Audiences are already changing consumer marketing. Now LeadCrunch will enable small and medium-size businesses to do the same for B2B audiences.

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