Find the Best 2017 Human Resources Software

Olin Hyde
February 7, 2017

No matter what industry you’re in, you know that the most valuable asset your company has is its human resources. The living, breathing members of the team that makes your brand possible, from the top executives to the interns, are the value of your brand. Without your people, you’d have nothing.

If you’re a prudent business owner, you’ve likely invested in your HR department for this very reason. After all, as the department in charge of maintaining employee happiness, and choosing new members, they deserve the best tools available.

If you haven’t been investing in your HR department, don’t worry! It’s not too late. Curious what the best thing you can do to improve your HR department’s effectiveness is? It’s the same as almost every other department: making sure they have the software and tools they need.

With the multitude of human resources software solutions available today, selecting the right system for your organization can be challenging. Here are a few tips to help you pick out the very best human resources software, and (just in time for Valentine’s Day) prove your love to the department that’s all about relationships:

Have An Understanding Of Your HR Team’s Tech Savvy

Everyone wants the very best in class when buying new technology – but when there are so many offerings, it can be hard to figure out which one that is. Just as there are differences in consumer software, depending on technical savvy, there are also differences in HR software. Some will be made for highly technical teams with a lot on their plate – and while they may be excellent for a large business, they’re likely overwhelming for the HR personnel at a small startup.

Ask Your HR Team What They Need

Make sure to involve your HR team in the software-buying decision – after all, they’re the ones that will be using it everyday! Ask for a bullet list of the tasks that they find the most tedious, difficult or otherwise challenging, and search out software options that solve their specific problems. This is a great way to avoid buying a more expensive product than you need, or feeling lost in a meeting with the software sales representative.


Consider Your Security Needs
First things first: if you accept money, you have security needs. This goes for everyone from food trucks to medical offices. However, depending on your industry, you may need to fulfill specific requirements and regulations. This is especially true of medical, legal, educational and financial brands. Make sure you’re clear on your requirements and regulations before getting attached – or letting your HR department get attached – to any single software product.

No regulations? Not necessarily no problem. If you’re storing any kind of financial data, run background checks on your employees, or simply store data on current and past applicants, it’s worth considering if your HR software should use cloud storage (someone else stores it) or on premise storage (you have a server in your office or nearby). While the cloud is much more convenient – and increasingly the right answer for every industry – there are some situations in which the right choice is to keep your data physically nearby. Evaluate your security, sharing and flexibility needs when making this choice.
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The right human resources software system can help you:
• Streamline benefits administration, personnel tracking and payroll
• Increase productivity with automated administrative processes
• Recruit, develop and manage your company’s most valuable resource: people


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