Find The Best 2017 Project Management Software

Olin Hyde
February 21, 2017

There are hundreds of project management and collaboration tools on the market, and it can be intimidating trying to find the right one.

However, when picking out project management software, you’re choosing the infrastructure that will serve as a frame for all of your brand’s planning in the future, so it’s important that you’re methodical and thorough in your evaluation.

With the right software, your entire organization will be able to run much more efficiently and effectively. But how do you find the right project management software—one that fits your needs specifically?

The best way to determine which project management tool is best for your brand is to ask the following four questions. We highly recommend asking not only to yourself, but also to your entire team.

After all, everyone will be using the solution. It’s important that the project management software you use works for everyone, so make it a group decision:

How Many People Work On Each Team?

The first consideration is how many people will be using the tool, both on each team and as a whole. The needs of a 10 person startup will obviously be very different from a major corporation, even if its product is similar.

Also consider how quickly you’re planning on growing. If your brand is likely to stay roughly the same size as it is now for at least a year, a platform that easily scales will be fairly low on your priority list.

However, if you’re planning (or even hoping for) rapid expansion soon, you’ll want to make sure that your software can grow with you to smooth the way forward.

What’s My Budget?

Nothing comes free, and you generally get what you pay for – this is as true of project management software as it is for anything else. If you’re looking for project management software for a few people to use, and don’t mind advertisements and low security, then yes, you can find highly functional solutions for free.

However, for any company with growth plans, the wisest decision is to invest in a more secure, scalable solution. Your project management software will be a primary driver in keeping your teams organized and on-schedule.

If you skimp in this category, you put the productivity of your organization (and therefore, your profit) at risk.

Do We Use A Particular Methodology?

If your brand already uses a particular management methodology, it’s important that you find a project management solution that is built to work with it. If possible, maintain the workflow that works best for your employees as you upgrade the tools they use to facilitate it.

If you’re planning on switching to a new methodology, make sure that the solutions you consider are able to accommodate several options, and allow for customizations. It is rare – or impossible – for a company to find an “off the shelf” project management methodology that works perfectly for their organization, with no changes.

So make sure you have a project management solution that allows flexibility and experimentation, and your organization will have the ability to find and create the management system that works best for them.

How Tech Savvy Is My Staff?

When picking out your project management solution, make sure you consider how comfortable your people are with using new software, and compare it along with their needs.

For example, if you have a large engineering department, they’ll likely prefer a project management solution with more options and tools, and will be comfortable exploring all of its intricacies.

If, on the other hand, you have a large staff of non-technical workers, some or all of whom show hesitancy towards new software, it will likely serve your organization better on the whole to find a solution that is extremely user friendly and provides 24/7 support, even if it means trading in a few capabilities.

Last Word — Get Help

With the multitude of project management software solutions available today, selecting the right system for your organization can be challenging. So don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Software Advice is able to provide you with expert advice on thousands of software applications. Get free price quotes and relevant recommendations on systems that match your exact needs!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The right project management system can help you:
• Increase workflow efficiency and project visibility
• Provide a single point of access for all relevant information
• Identify problem areas and maximize opportunities

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