Help! Save Your B2B Marketers From These Three Traps

Lainey Mebust
June 3, 2019

There is one inescapable reality for the modern B2B marketer: overwhelm.  In part, it’s because every executive under the sun now understands that attribution modeling (the ability to tell which ad campaigns result in how much revenue) is theoretically possible, but almost none of them understand how difficult it is to actually achieve.  There are other issues that contribute to the issue as well.  Targeting sucks, and it always has.  Sales hates the leads that marketing does provide because they are typically low quality leads, and it’s impossible to prove ROI.

Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

And the best and highest use of a good marketer is… surprise, marketing!  But your B2B marketers are doing less and less marketing by the day.  They’re spending more time looking at analytics, trying to prove ROI, and trying to explain to people who don’t know their craft why the things that they are doing can’t be so easily measured.  They’re trying to find new targeting options, because the same old stuff keeps producing the same old results. They’re trying to set up new campaigns and new tactics because the old things don’t seem to be ROI positive, ever.

What you need them to be doing is far, far different.  You need them to be analyzing the market, positioning your products, and learning how to speak the language that will create raving fans for your brand.

Three Daunting B2B Marketing Traps

Artificial Intelligence can help with that.  It does all of the analysis, crunches the numbers, figures out who to target based on the people you’re already having success with.  It helps with three inescapable traps that your marketers are falling into right now:

1) The lead volume trap. Everyone in the marketing business is familiar with this dichotomy; you keep getting beat up to provide more and more leads only to be told that your leads suck.  That’s because the answer is not more leads, it’s the right leads.  How might I get the right leads, you might ask? How might I create leads that the sales team raves about?

If only someone had already answered that question. 😉

How To Get Leads Sales Doesn’t Hate? We Can Help

2) The ‘spaghetti meet wall’ trap. Your marketers have to keep trying new things all the time because the old things don’t work.  The old things don’t work because they are based on a system of targeting created with data that was never meant to be used for targeting.  This is why no matter how many new shiny bells and whistles come out, ROI for B2B Marketing never really seems to improve. For all of our tech and innovation, we’re not really doing much better than the full-page ads of two generations ago in the B2B arena.

3) The ‘hunting with Dick Cheney’ trap, also known as ‘the shotgun approach.’ In this trap, your marketers go ahead and send messaging to everybody on the planet who could possibly ever be involved with your B2B company in hopes of reaching the two or three people who might be ready to buy. Obviously, this approach most often results only in turning your CFO into a fire breathing dragon because it’s wasteful, and yet most of the B2B companies out there are taking this approach.

So Your ROI Sucks? We Can Help

A New Paradigm Emerges

So we’ve got to get the right tactics in front of the right audience in order to produce the right leads.  Seems simple enough, but remember the problems.  Your targeting sucks.  Sales hates the leads you’re producing.  Your CFO has no further sense of humor for the poor return on investment of your marketer’s campaigns.  How can you help?

LeadCrunch has an artificial intelligence solution that’s revolutionizing the industry.  The magic resides in B2B lookalike model targeting, which is where we basically take your existing customers that you’re winning with, look for the similarities between them using a bunch of fancy targeting dimensions that nobody but us has, and then apply those similarities to the entire market to tell you who you should market to next.

It works because it doesn’t use the same old flawed audience targeting from two generations ago.  It works because it shows you who the right companies are to target, and thus helps eliminate waste.  It works because with less waste, your ROI improves and the CFO gets off of your marketer’s backs. It works because it lets marketers get back to marketing.

Help your marketers get back to marketing.


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