Hit Millennials In Their Minds, Not Their Hearts: 6 Tips

Olin Hyde
September 22, 2016

It’s a big advantage to know the types people you’re selling to in the B2B market place. Knowing who you’re sellling to makes it easier to craft pitches. But you have to be careful not to let stereotypes to get in the way of your marketing efforts.

Take Millennials. They’re often seen as dreamers. Dreamers are are good people that are ultimately optimistic and socially responsible. But millennials don’t have have more goodness in their hearts than anyone else. So appealing to their goodness is a waste of time.

So how do you reach millennials?

Millennials are interested in social responsibility and they’re more likely to call you out on anything they think is nonsense. So you’re more likely to connect with them through social media than email. If you want to generate more B2B sales from Millenials, appeal to their sense of social responsibility.

Below are six tips to help you do that:

  • Ditch the stereotypes

Many businesses fail to attract Millennials because the buy into the stereotypes surrounding them. For example, they harbor the idea that millennials are lazy or entitled. They, then, market to millenials with those ideas in mind.

It’s not true—a least not for the majority of mIllennials. If you market to them with this idea, you’ll fail. Also, the stereotypes surrounding the millennials shouldn’t matter because they have $200 billion of purchasing power.

In addition, millennials are often the best social entrepreneurs. So If you’re going to sell to mllennials, you’ll need to boost your social media profile a notch or two.

  • Appeal to their minds

Speaking to someone’s heart is being idealistic. Idealism has no place in the boardroom. CEOs must make decisions based on facts.

Here’s a fact for you: No millennial is going to buy from you because your product of service fits in with their ideals. They’ll buy from you because it helps them achieve something, which will usually be more money for the company.

Markets can contribute to the wider world, but businesses exist to make money. That’s their top priority. After they’ve done that, millennials feel that they can work on giving back. Whenever you market your products to millennials, speak to that first instinct.

Even the most philanthropic Millennial has to make a profit to meet his or her goals. It’s how they can give back over a long period of time.

  • Never Try to Fake It

Thirty years ago sellers may have stretched the truth a bit without hesitation to land a sale. That often worked. That’s because 30 years ago buyers didn’t have the Internet at their disposal. millennials today are the most educated generation in history. They’re critical thinkers who won’t believe something because you said it. That’s why so many companies make becoming authority figure in a field their main goal.

Millennial will Google any claims you make and find out the truth. And they’ll do it instantly. So today honesty is the best policy. Faking it until you make it will lead to a loss of face for your brand.

What differentiates millennials from other generations is their pickiness. A lot of them are not going to trust a brand again after a single incident of lying or dishonesty. In short, stick to being authentic and transparent.

  • Invest in Products That Encourage Engagement

Millennials businesses have the same problem as other companies. So like many companies they need to foster interactions with customers and between customers. This need isn’t a conundrum specific to any industry or any brand. It’s something that afflicts every facet of business in the modern world.

So if you’e a B2B company trying to sell millennials focus on encouraging engagement. You need to make sure you’re helping their businesses to connect with their customers. Then discuss how your solutions help with this huge problem.

  • Practice What You Preach

Getting back to millennials and their sense of social responsibility, this characteristic makes them stand out.  They do want to help the world and they do want to give back to society.

So you’ll find it easier to sell to millennials if you’re able to follow through on their values. So become a socially responsible company yourself if you’re not one already. Then focus on how you can give back to society. Things like this will boost millennials’ trust in you.


Selling to millennials is a challenge. They’re naturally distrustful of people trying to sell them something. With millenials, it’s essential to build up a solid relationship if you want to survive your entrepreneurial journey.

So treat millennials like adults and buy into their sense of social responsibility. That, in turn, will boost sales to Millennials But selling them can take time.  So don’t be in a rush to do it. Establish a good relationship with them and you’ll win them over every time.

How are you going to tailor your strategy to encourage millennials to buy from you today?

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