How Marketing Automation Helps Leads Turn Into Customers

Olin Hyde
April 6, 2017

A common – and frustrating – problem that businesses often face is having good leads, but low conversion rates. If that sounds like you, listen up: Marketing automation can help improve your conversions rate by reducing the demands on  human capital and providing data that can help your company be more effective. Below are some tips on how marketing automation can help you improve your conversion rate and generate more profits.

Lead Nurturing

Ah, lead nurturing – that’s why you’re here, right? Yes, marketing automation tools are great at helping you turn your warm leads into mature, fully fledged clients—if done correctly.

We all know how quickly a relationship can go downhill with a poorly timed outreach call. With the right automation tools, you can schedule all or most of your lead’s brand experience so that your outreach is perfectly timed, including  landing pages, content pieces, and even call schedules. This feature can be especially valuable when you’re working with a longer than average nurturing period, which is common for B2B marketers.

Automation also allows you to:

  • Segment your leads to send only the content that will appeal to them specifically
  • Stagger not only the topic of content your leads receive, but the type, throughout their journey through your sales funnel. (According to Pardot’s State of Demand Generation Study, 77% of your leads would appreciate a variety of types of content to support their personal research.)
  • Track a lead’s progress throughout your sales cycle, so you always reach out with the exact right piece of collateral every time you contact them.

The bottom line with lead nurturing automation is that by drastically reducing the amount of labor that is required to nurture your long-term leads, your sales force will be able to work on an exponentially larger group of leads.

On the flip side, your leads will only see the perfect content, and only be contacted directly when they’re most likely to be receptive. The end result: More actual sales.

Email Marketing

One of the most effective means of reaching a wide audience is through email marketing. But we’re well past the days of blanket “blasts.” Today’s email marketing must be highly personalized to address your targets specifically. In order to get the best results, you can use your marketing automation solution to record metrics that go beyond name and title.

The right email marketing campaign will allow you to trigger certain emails as particular leads and established customers take action. For example, if your company provides an online portal to log into, and a customer has not logged in for a certain amount of time, a re-engagement email will be sent to them automatically.

On the flip side, if a client has been actively using your online services,your solution can send them an email designed to send them an upsell offer at just the right timer.

Email marketing automation also allows you to do more than just send personalized emails. It allows you to form a relationship with your clients by demonstrating how much you listen to them. Not sure how effective using a robot is to form friendships? Consider these facts:

While email marketing automation is by far the most well known of the digital marketing mix, it’s not the only great marketing automation tool you should add to your relationship-building arsenal.

Email marketing and lead nurturing are by far the most common applications for marketing automation software, but the technology’s uses are only limited by your imagination. Other common applications are social media, campaign tracking and lead scoring. If the task does not require creativity, don’t make your human capital do it. It’s a waste of their strengths.

Last Word—Increases Productivity and Sales

If you’re still toying with the idea of getting involved in marketing automation and unsure if it’s worth it, rephrase the question. Would removing the tedious and repetitive tasks from your sales and marketing teams’ to-do lists make them more productive? How much more could your team do if you could measure exactly how effective each email, blog and whitepaper was? If your sales team could use more time and more accuracy, then it’s time for your company to get automated. It will increase your team’s productivity, boost conversion rates, and generate more profits.

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