How to Become a Trusted Resource: 5 Tips

Olin Hyde
November 16, 2016

You often hear experts in B2B marketing talk about establishing a brand as an authority. Authorities are trusted resources that prospects often consult.

When you become an authority, you also become a trusted resource. That’s why 61% of buyers read reviews before buying from a business. They see the media they’re reading as a trusted resource.

The more prospects that trust your B2B firm, the better your chances of making sales. That’s because it increases the chances that customers will consult you when they have questions. And that gives you a chance to discover a need and suggest a solution.

But becoming a trusted resource is easier said than done. It takes hard work and perseverance. But you can make it happen with prospects.

The guide below provides five tips on establishing yourself as  a trusted resource:

  • Work on your SEO campaign

B2B marketing is all about visibility. Without it, you’ll have a hard time becoming an authority. But if nobody sees your content, it’s worthless—no matter how viable it is.

So you need to always ti be investing in your SEO campaign. That means including backlinks and keywords in your content. It also means creating a variety of content. Doing so will pay off.

B2B influencer Neil Patel says, “If you can create valuable resources in the form of blog posts, eBooks, short reports, whitepapers, or videos, people will link to them.”

It’s a vicious circle, though. To get people to link to your resources, they must first be visible. Using the right  keywords and creating a solid social media presence is crucial to becoming a trusted resource.

  • Who is responsible and what are you doing?

Many B2B firms lack someone that responsible for establishing a company as a trusted resource. As B2B influencer William Comcowich states, “The problem – common in most major corporations – is that no one person is responsible for managing a company’s reputational risk.”

But becoming a trusted resource isn’t something that’s just going to happen, as we said above. It requires an intensive effort. So assign someone to the task of managing your company’s reputation.

Set some clear goals and expectations and make sure you keep a close watch on the person responsible for managing this campaign.

Then ask them for a report on how well your target market is responding to your content. Are you getting the feedback that you’re looking for?

  • Go for niche content

Becoming an expert in your chosen B2B area isn’t about being an know-it-all. It’s about doing one thing extremely well—knowing more than your readers so you have something to teach them.

Creating content that hits a broad audience may expand your reach, but competition will be higher and the information far less detailed.

So focus on detailed content that isn’t already widely available. That will go a long way towards building you up as the ‘go to’ resource on your chosen subject.

  • Make your niche content trendy

Once you have decided to focus on niche content, link it back to what’s trending right now. People are not going to find your content—and you’re not going to become an authority—until you can relate your content to what’s happening within your industry at any given time.

There’s a reason why traditional authorities like Forbes and the Wall Street Journal are where they are today. Most of their content is linked to what’s happening right now.

Of course, they still have their fair share of evergreen content, but much of what they write about is all about the here and now.

  • Are you doing anything to innovate?

What separates leading authorities from all other websites? There are dozens of websites that simply report on or rewrite what others are writing about. And customers know the difference.

Your B2B firm won’t become an authority without innovation. Take the lead and give your own opinion on your chosen field.

Not only will your B2B company be focusing on a current niche, but it will be adding to the conversation. This approach is how to make your B2B brand a success.

Last Word – Authority Takes Time to Build

Authority for a B2B brand takes time to build. You’re never going to do it without taking the time to be thorough and consistent. Constantly providing great information is what turns your company into a trusted resource.

Also, rather than pure selling within your B2B marketing campaign, go out of your way to provide value without expecting anything in return.

So how do you get started with building authority?

Stay abreast of what’s going in your field and find out what people are talking about. You want to know what the latest trends in your field.

Also, stay abreast of what your competitors and customers are talking about. Concentrate not just on continuing that conversation but actively adding to it.

How will you build your brand into a trusted resource for B2B customers?

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